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Crown Royale

Crown Royale is pretty much everything a great strain of weed could possibly be.  It’s attractive to look at and easy to grow, has a […]

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Dark Angel

Up until now, Dark Angel has been one of the marijuana world’s best-kept secrets and even now, it’s still one of the harder strains to […]

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Cash Crop Auto

Autoflowering strains are now starting to get so good that they can compete with some of the best photoperiod strains out there in terms of […]

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Forest Dream

The genetics behind Forest Dream are still a closely-guarded secret, but it is known that this strain is a Sativa dominant, with plenty of THC.  […]

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Black Indica

In spite of the name, Black Indica is actually a hybrid, albeit one which has a mere 10% Sativa genetics.  This is an old-school strain, […]

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Auto Bluetooth

Indica-dominant Auto Bluetooth is a cross between Auto Berry and Super Sweet Tooth, hence the “blue” refers to the flavour rather than to the colour.  […]

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto

The original Girl Scout Cookies is a firm favourite amongst the marijuana community thanks to its medical benefits and delicious taste.  Making it autoflowering makes […]

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Laughing Buddha

Sativa-dominant, Laughing Buddha can get you out of the darkest moods and feeling good about life again.  It can take a bit of effort to […]

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Purple Pineberry

Growers in colder and wetter climates, rejoice, while Purple Pineberry’s genetics remain largely a secret, it is known that this strain hails from British Columbia, […]

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Utopia Haze

Utopia Haze is far more than just a strain to get the party started. While its genetics are open to guesswork, it is known to […]

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