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Gorilla Bomb

Sativa dominant Gorilla Bomb is the offspring of Gorilla Glue #4 and THC Bomb.  Anyone familiar with Gorilla Glue knows that although the official reason […]

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Indica dominant CBD Nordle is an established favourite with medical users, particularly those seeking powerful relief for physical pain.  As its name suggests, it’s packed […]

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CBD Med Gom auto (cbd crew)

Hybrid CBD Med Gom auto is an example of taking a best-in-breed strain and taking it to the next level.  Med Gom, as its name […]

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Industrial Plant Auto CBD

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD

Balanced hybrid Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD is, as its name suggests, a cross between the established Industrial Plant and an unknown CBD-rich autoflowering strain.  This […]

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Haze Autoflowering CBD

Sativa-dominant Haze autoflowering CBD is another of the strains which have been created with the needs of therapeutic users in mind.  It’s effective for a […]

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CBD Bomb- Bomb Seeds

CBD Bomb

A 50/50 blend of Indica and Sativa, CBD Bomb has been developed with medical users in mind, but still has plenty to offer recreational smokers.  […]

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Think Big! – Dutch Passion

Think Big really deserves its name.  As a Sativa-dominant strain it will reach for the skies and produce a huge quantity of buds with plenty […]

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Grand Heft Auto – Dr Krippling Seeds

Slightly Indica-dominant Grand Heft Auto was created to satisfy the need for growing speed without sacrificing performance.  Produced by crossing AK47 with Northern Light Auto, […]

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Bruce Banner

Sativa dominant Bruce Banner is named after the gentle scientist who turns into the Incredible Hulk when roused to anger.  Originally there were 5 sub-strains […]

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Bomb Seeds - Killer Purps

Killer Purps – Bomb Seeds

Sativa dominant Killer Purps from Bomb Seeds came about by crossing the perennially popular and reliable Sour Diesel with a highly unusual variety of Buzz […]

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