Killer Queen

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Balanced hybrid, Killer Queen is a cross between G13 and Cinderella 99. This is definitely a strain for those who like it citrus and offers a pleasant high, followed by a deeply-relaxing full-body stone. Because of this, it’s popular with medical and recreational users alike, plus it’s straightforward to grow.

The taste and smell of Killer Queen resembles the best of mixed fruit juices. There’s a mixture of orange and lemon for that lovely zesty but sweet citrus freshness, along with some tropical fruit tastes. At the same time there are hints of pine for a crisp, menthol edge, a slight touch of skunk and a gentle but solid earthy base.

With a THC content in the region of 16%, the high is light and bright and buzzy rather than super-strong, but the pain relief is still very effective. Migraine sufferers may need a rather stronger strain, but Killer Queen is more than capable of dealing a prompt death blow to severe headaches and all but the worst physical pain. The Sativa rush then mellows into the classic, Indica stone, which completes the job of pain and stress relief by unwinding mind and body. This strain is probably best kept for the evening, when you want to be able to take it easy and enjoy some quality time which is both peaceful and pain free. Killer Queen will ease away both pain and stress, helping prepare you for sleep, but if you’re looking for a specific insomnia treatment, there are better choices. On the other hand, this does mean that Killer Queen can be used in the day time, if need be, particularly since users can generally maintain mental function.

Killer Queen is a fairly straightforward plant to grow. Left to itself, it will generally stop at about the one metre mark, but can be kept below that with training. It flowers in about 7 to 8 weeks and although yields are moderate, they can be improved with the help of plenty of nutrients. Also, using a screen-of-green system will maximize yield per square metre. Outdoors, Killer Queen can be grown in cooler climates as long as growers can find a space which is sheltered but still gives the plants access to sunlight.

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