Beginner Strains

Growing marijuana can be a challenge. If you’re new to growing, selecting a simple strain that is easy to grow will make the growing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Beginner strains don’t mean any less potent genetics, it generally means they are more hardy allowing novice growers to make more mistakes and still produce killer crops. Breeders work tirelessly to produce beginner strains, ensuring they can withstand the mistakes inexperienced growers are likely to make.

Picking a strain that is forgiving to novice growers isn’t easy. The list of high powered beginner strains given below will make novice growers look like true seasoned pros. You’ll be surprised at some of the beginner strains we’ve listed, potent and high yielding is the order of the day.

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Amsterdam Haze

Amsterdam Haze Review

Amsterdam Haze is an easy to grow and huge yielding sativa weed strain with a long lasting, clear headed high.

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Apollo 11

Sativa dominant Apollo 11 is a cross between Genius and Cinderella 99. It lives up to its prestigious heritage with a great taste and excellent […]

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Apollo 13

Sativa dominant Apollo 13 is a cross between P75 and Genius, we’re not sure how the Brothers Grimm came to choose the name, but we […]

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Auto #1 Review

Auto #1 is a great choice for growers who are looking for a discrete and easy to grow weed strain.

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Auto AK 47

Retaining the best qualities of parentage, Auto AK 47 may be small in size, but carries a potent big hit.

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Auto Amnesia

If you thought Autoflowering was a synonym for Indica, then think again. Auto Amnesia is a tall and proud Sativa-dominant, bred from Original Amnesia (with […]

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Auto Berry

Auto Berry is the autoflowering hybrid of Blueberry, Grapefruit & Lowryder. The result is a dwarf weed strain staying super short.

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Auto Bluetooth

Indica-dominant Auto Bluetooth is a cross between Auto Berry and Super Sweet Tooth, hence the “blue” refers to the flavour rather than to the colour.  […]

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Auto Bomb

An exceptional autoflower, Auto Bomb will impress growers who are looking for a potent and large yielding weed strain, but don’t want to wait.

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Auto Bubblegum Marijuana Strain by OO Seeds

Auto Bubblegum – OO Seeds

Indica-dominant Auto Bubblegum by OO Seeds was created by crossing an outstanding specimen of the original Bubblegum, with an unknown Ruderalis. Bred to lock in […]

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