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Growing marijuana outdoors allows you take advance of Mother Nature’s full force. There’s no need for lighting systems as the sun will do the work for you and as a general rule you yield more per plant which makes growing marijuana outdoors all the more attractive.

Inevitably whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors your aim remains the same: to grow big, fat juicy buds. When growing marijuana outdoors, where you live in the world will impact upon the strain of cannabis you decide to choose. The latitude, whether you’re Northern or Southern Hemisphere, and your ambient climate are key factors that need to be considered when choosing the right strain.

Many new strains are bred specifically for outdoor marijuana growing. They are developed to be hardy in all climates and the comprehensive list below will provide you with a wide ranging choice of strains dependent on your needs. If you live in a cold, wet climate you opt for a hardy European strain like Hollands Hope or if you’re based in dry, hot place you’d be better off with a strain like Duirban Posion or Amsterdam Haze, all of which are excellent strains when growing marijuana outdoors. .

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Atomic Haze

Atomic Haze

Atomic Haze is a potent connoisseurs weed strain that is renowned for its complex flavor and energising and cerebral high.

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Atomic Review

Atomic weed is a mind blowingly potent weed strain with a knock out stone that will floor even the most experienced tokers.

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Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica

Coming out of California, Aurora Indica’s extreme potency more than makes up for its lower yields and grow difficulty.

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Auto #1 Review

Auto #1 is a great choice for growers who are looking for a discrete and easy to grow weed strain.

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Auto AK 47

Retaining the best qualities of parentage, Auto AK 47 may be small in size, but carries a potent big hit.

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Auto Berry

Auto Berry is the autoflowering hybrid of Blueberry, Grapefruit & Lowryder. The result is a dwarf weed strain staying super short.

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Auto Blue Dream – MSNL

Auto Blue Dream is actually a Sativa dominant.  As its name suggests, it’s a cross between the original Blue Dream and an unidentified Ruderalis.  Blue […]

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Auto Bluetooth

Indica-dominant Auto Bluetooth is a cross between Auto Berry and Super Sweet Tooth, hence the “blue” refers to the flavour rather than to the colour.  […]

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Auto Bomb

An exceptional autoflower, Auto Bomb will impress growers who are looking for a potent and large yielding weed strain, but don’t want to wait.

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Auto Bubblegum Marijuana Strain by OO Seeds

Auto Bubblegum – OO Seeds

Indica-dominant Auto Bubblegum by OO Seeds was created by crossing an outstanding specimen of the original Bubblegum, with an unknown Ruderalis. Bred to lock in […]

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