Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds strains are becoming more and more popular with both experienced and novice growers. Put simply, autoflowering strains are strains that do not need to be manually put into flower. Autoflowering strains will flower on their own due to the modified genetics of the strain, making the success rate of growing big, juicy buds significantly higher.

If you choose to grow autoflowering seeds the grower simply needs to germinate and plant their chosen strain, ensure the soil is kept nice and moist and place the seed under anything from 18-24 hours of light. It really is that simple. As well as being significantly less hassle to care for, auto flowering seeds will typically be ready for harvest quicker than regular photoperiod strains.

With new autoflowering seeds strains hitting the market all the time choosing the best autoflowering strain can be a difficult one. Let us help with the decision making process, with our autoflowering strains review.

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