Indica strains have their own unique characteristics, differentiating them from Sativa strains. As a general rule Indica weed plants are short and bushy, rarely getting over 6ft (180cm) and mature a lot quicker than Sativa strains.

The structure of the plant isn’t the only unique characteristic of Indica strains. Depending what kind of taste and high you want will dictate what the best indica strain is for you. Smoking Indica weed brings on the classic body stone due to higher levels of CBD, making them a popular choice with medicinal users suffering from problems such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Picking a strain can be difficult but we hope to help make your decision a little bit easier with our detailed Indica strain reviews providing you with all the information you need to grow the best indica strains.

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4 Assed Monkey

For those who don’t watch South Park, the name is a reference to an animal created by a mad-scientist character called Dr. Alphonse Mephesto after […]

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8 ball kush good

8 Ball Kush

The indica dominant 8 Ball Kush is a highly potent weed strain that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced growers.

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9 Pound Hammer marijuana strain

9 Pound Hammer

While 9 Pound Hammer is a relative newcomer to the medical marijuana scene, it has some impressive genetics in the form  of Jack the Ripper, […]

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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is an easy to grow weed that hails from the Afghanistan Hindu Kush region and produces dependable yields.

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Afghan Kush Ryder – World Of Seeds

Officially, Afghan Kush Ryder is a hybrid of Afghan Kush and an unknown Ruderalis.  Given the name, it would seem a safe bet that the […]

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Afghan Marijuana

Afghan Weed

Afghan is the original indica strain from Afghanistan taken to Holland and hybridized.

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Developed in the Netherlands, Afghanica is a resilient weed strain with a high THC level that grows well in colder northern climates.

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Afgoo plant


Suitable for a more experienced grower, Afgoo is a potent weed strain that consistently produces dependable yields.

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AK 48 weed

AK 48

Created in Amsterdam, AK 48 is a short and bushy growing Indica dominant strain with extremely high THC levels.

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AK 47 plant

AK-47 Weed

AK-47, sativa dominant Cannabis Cup winning strain known for its highly resinous buds & fast finishing time.

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