Purple Weed Strains

Purple marijuana strains are fast becoming the must have strains for growers, smokers and seed producers alike. The growing popularity of purple weed has seen it become a mainstay in medical dispensaries across the US with patients opting for the attractive buds of strains like Purple Haze ahead of more classic weed strains.

The majority of the time purple marijuana strains turn purple as a result of seasonal changes in temperature, just like trees changing color in winter, however they do also require specific genetics to change to the highly coveted purple.

The knock on effect of the popularity of purple marijuana strains has seen seed producers hybridizing purple strains to provide more choice and a wider range of genetic make-up’s for the budding grower. Purple weed can be difficult to grow and whether or your not the plant changes from classic green to a vibrant purple will depend on the creativity of the gardener.

Read through our comprehensive list of purple weed strain reviews, were sure you’ll find something you like.

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Alien Kush Plant

Alien Kush

Although not the most prolific croppper, Alien Kush is an easy to grow top quality weed strain with an excellent high.

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Auto Berry

Auto Berry is the autoflowering hybrid of Blueberry, Grapefruit & Lowryder. The result is a dwarf weed strain staying super short.

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Auto Grandaddy Purple

Highly acclaimed purple autoflowering strain, Auto Grandaddy Purple is a must try.

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Ayahuasca Purple – Barney’s Farm

The story behind the creation of Ayahuasca Purple is that Derry, founder of Barney’s farm, met up with an Alaskan grower who was on holiday […]

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Berry Bomb Strain

Berry Bomb is popular on both sides of the Atlantic due to its complex flavor, potency and ease of growth.

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Big Blue Cheese

The Big Blue Cheese strain is an indica dominant hybrid that produces huge yields of extremely potent and tasty weed.

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Blueberry Widow

Blueberry Widow Review

With its award winning heritage, you’ll not be surprised that Blueberry Widow is one of the finest weed strains out there.

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Bubbleberry Marijuana


Bubbleberry has an impressive heritage that will impress smokers who like fruity and sweet tasting bud.

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candyland strain

Candyland Strain

Candyland by Grand Daddy Purp is a Sativa-dominant cross between Bay Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purps.  Given its parentage and the fact that it was created by Ken […]

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Cherry Bomb Auto

Cherry Bomb Auto

Cherry Bomb Auto is huge yielding and great tasting autoflower that is suitable for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

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