Auto Amnesia

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If you thought Autoflowering was a synonym for Indica, then think again. Auto Amnesia is a tall and proud Sativa-dominant, bred from Original Amnesia (with the addition of auto-amnesia-marijuana-strainRuderalis). This strain is great news for people who want to grow their own medication and are looking for a high-THC strain which is still reasonably easy to grow.

The flavour is complex and satisfying. Although it is sweet overall, it has citrus freshness and spiciness, along with woody base notes. The aroma is woody (some say cedar) and earthy, it has often been compared to incense.

Up until relatively recently the 19% THC in Amnesia Auto would have seen it classed as a high-THC strain, but these days with the likes of Gorilla Bomb out there, it’s probably more realistically classed as medium to medium+. Having said that, 19% THC is still likely to be more than sufficient for many users. It’s certainly enough to bring on a buzzy, peppy cerebral high without taking users into the stratosphere regardless of whether or not they want to go there. It’s also good for rapid-response pain relief. As you’ve probably guessed, Amnesia Auto is generally considered a daytime strain and is popular for dealing with headaches.

Of course, the real benefit of Amnesia Auto is that it offers a whole lot of Sativa goodness in a relatively compact and easy-to-grow package. If you’re happy to get hands on with plant training, you can keep Amnesia Auto down to about 75 cm, otherwise it could easily get up to 1.5m, although this is still pretty reasonable for a Sativa-dominant strain. By modern standards, it takes its time to grow (11 to 12 weeks) but yields are very respectable for an autoflowering variety, coming in at about 450-500 gr m2 indoors. Amnesia Auto can, in theory, be grown outdoors, offering 60/80 g/plant in ideal conditions, but the fact that its growing time is on the long side, could make that something of a challenge. You might get away with starting it early in a greenhouse and then moving it outdoors proper when the need for space dictates, but this would still be something of a risk.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Eleven to twelve weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa Dominant
Autoflower - July/October
Original Amnesia X Ruderalis
Medium (high for an autoflowering strain)
Grow Difficulty:
Auto Amnesia, 2.5 out of 5 based on 46 ratings


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