Growing marijuana indoors

How to grow weed indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is the most common and popular way to cultivate marijuana. The main advantage of growing weed indoors is that you are 100% in control of what you are growing and this tends to result in a better quality end product. You are not at the whim of the seasons like outdoor growers, meaning you can plant and harvest marijuana throughout the whole year.

Indoor Growing
For the novice it may seem there is an intimidating amount of information to work through, but the basics are easy. As long as you’ve built up a little knowledge, you‘ll learn how to grow marijuana indoors in no time.

What do you need to consider when growing marijuana indoors?

Are you a commercial grower, are you growing for medical reasons, or are you growing weed indoors for your own personal stash? The answer to this question will have a great effect on the space you choose to grow in. What you need to grow 2 or 10 plants makes a huge difference to the space, equipment, and the amount of money you’ll need to get up and running. Just knowing the answer to this question will enable you to pick a good space to grow marijuana indoors and maximize the quality of the weed you’re growing.

There are plenty of options that you might want to consider when growing weed indoors; you can close off the corner of a basement or attic, put an unused bedroom to use, convert a closet or purchase a pre-fabricated grow tent or cabinet. No matter where you choose to put your grow room, it should be enclosed to give you more control over the environment your marijuana plants will be growing in. Our basic guide on setting up a grow room will help get your indoor marijuana grow started.

Choosing a strain

The cannabis familyIf you’re growing weed indoors and have a lot of space, there is no limit to what you can grow giving you a large selection of weed strains to choose from. Do you want the uplifting high of a sativa like Super Silver Haze or Jack Herer? Or do you prefer the dreamlike body stone of an indica like Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue? If you are inexperienced and have limited growing space, try starting with auto-flowering strains as they are more forgiving and tend to grow smaller. Use our section on indoor growing strains to help you make the right decision.

If you are looking to purchase seeds, make sure you get the genetics you’re after by using a reputable site. Listed below are sites that deliver good marijuana genetics worldwide;

How to grow weed indoors – Key decisions

What medium to use – Soil vs Hydroponics
Soil vs hydroAs an indoor grower, choosing between growing in soil or with hydroponics is a difficult decision to make as both growing mediums have advantages and disadvantages. The main influences on your decision will be based around your grow room space and budget. It is easier and cheaper to get started with a simple soil grow. However, a hydroponic system will produce a larger yield. If you need help choosing your indoor marijuana growing medium, you can find out more here.

Lighting – CFLs vs LED vs HIDs.
Marijuana needs light to grow. For outdoor growers, this is supplied by the sun. However, the indoor grower needs to supply a healthy amount of light to get their plants to grow. There are three main types of light that are used for indoor marijuana growing; CFLs (Compact Fluorescent lights), LED, and HID (High Intensity Discharge) which are normally a mixture of Metal Hallide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium bulbs (HPS). This is where budget and space really are important. Use our guide as each type of lighting system has its own advantages and disadvantages which are laid out in the lighting section of the website.

Water and Drainage
Plants will not grow without water. When choosing a suitable place or room for growing weed indoors, considering a water source is a must. Your water and drainage will be affected by whether you choose to grow in soil or hydroponics and in both cases you will need a reliable supply of good quality water. Advice on what kind of water to use to get the most out of your grow can be found here.

Temperature Control
Mouldy LeavesTemperature and environment control is very important for the weed you’re growing marijuana indoors. Outside, the majority of marijuana strains grow in a heat similar to those found in Southern California, the Mediterranean or the tropics. You will need to try and recreate these conditions indoors. However, too hot or too cold, and you will destroy your marijuana crop. Measure the temperature of your grow room, using fans to help regulate its temperature and supply fresh air to the plants.

Air Circulation
Your cannabis plant uses a lot of CO2, so good air circulation using a vent and fan to create airflow is important for a healthy grow. Good odor control helps keep the smell of your grow room at an unnoticeable level. You can find more information on air circulation and odour control here.

Air ventilation


Finally, when choosing your grow space you may want to consider security. You certainly do not want to bring any unwanted attention to your indoor marijuana grows. Don’t worry though, security issues are less of a problem and you will sleep easier if you deal with the following issues before starting.

– Noise – Muffling your fans and pumps will reduce noise. You can use rubber or foam fittings alongside insulating ducting to reduce noise.
– Fragrance – Growing marijuana indoors will smell. Having good odour control is a way of guaranteeing your neighbours will not know about your grow.
– Electricity – A spike in how much electricity you are using could be enough to alert your electricity provider so be as efficient as you can.
– Do not talk about your grow to anyone. The fewer people who know the better. You do not have to worry about anyone stealing your plants or informing on you if you don’t tell anyone in the first place.

Knowing how to grow weed indoors is about research and preparation. Ask yourself the right questions and plan your grow properly and you’ll be successfully growing weed indoors in no time at all.


51 comments on Growing marijuana indoors
  1. Green Man

    Feminized seeds are great for most people as they take a lot of the headaches and stress out of growing. Not having to worry about a male slipping through the net and pollinating the entire grow setup is a real bonus for all but the most experienced growers. Plus modern fem strains are just as good at creating Mothers so there really are very few drawbacks to using them.

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  2. Shane New Mexico

    I have never used a feminized seed I had to do it all myself. My grow had to be cleaned twice. Then I ended up with 12 good mother’s for over 3 years. But I grew a lot of good medical pot for myself in that time. I always grew way more than I was supposed to cuz my wife need it and so did other family members. And I made sure they had the amount they needed. And as soon as I can move where I can grow again I will. I having to buy. But will go to feminized seeds less work for myself.

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    Rating: +1 (from 5 votes)
  3. Green

    I’m having a problem, my TrainWreck has thick stems with deep grooves the buds look small!, I’m afraid that my clones might be going male. Please advise! Thank you

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  4. james schulte

    how do i water my anenisea haze plant its 4 weeka in bud stage ?

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    Rating: -2 (from 18 votes)
  5. Glenn

    yes I have a question is it normal for an auto plant only to have 5 finger leaves instead of 7when it’s turning to flower and only about 12 in tall it looks like a poor Charlie Brown Christmas tree plant

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    Rating: 0 (from 12 votes)
  6. Green Man

    They sound more like Fungus Gnats – they love moist soil and suddenly there will be so many! Best way to get rid of them is diatomaceous earth on the top layer of the soil or treat the top layer of soil with Neem oil or something like that. Alternatively if you don’t like the idea of that – get hanging sticky fly traps.

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  7. Kathryn G.

    I have trouble with little black bugs I think are called “Spider Mites”. They have been a real nuisance and have destroyed several of my plants. How do I keep them off my plants? How do I keep them from multiplying? lol. Am growing in my bathroom tub area, they get natural sunlight, and house purified air.

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  8. wildBill

    I’m just starting to play around with and trying to grow a few plants, need some tips to get me going I would like to be able to grow like 5 plants anyway .

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  9. Green Man

    Hi there. It does sound like your PH but if not check it’s getting the right amount of nutrients. It may be getting to much or too little.

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    Rating: 0 (from 10 votes)
  10. Rex Cunigan

    I have 3 strains going two are 4 weeks old as of 07/26 having troubles older leaves turning yellow starts on outside of leaf and moves to cover all and fall off this is moving up a older plant also any help have checked p/h it p.s. ok

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  11. Bayouman

    Started 10 seeds today outside for now

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  12. Col. Stephen Mazar

    I’m a Marine just now getting back to civilian life. I live near Monterey, CA and I am going to attempt my first crop of bud in a few weeks. I would appreciate any and all hints tips or advice so I might have some success in my new endeavor. I’m thinking cloned in a greenhouse… that’s about it. Thanks 4 ur help.

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  13. Mr. Rogers

    So I am 6 weeks into flower, 5 plants, Do-si-do, 1 from seed, 4 from clone. All veg’d the same amount of time (5 weeks) and just before I switched to flower I created a SOG, 12″-14″ from their base. All has been going great but now it seems that the 1 a started from seed is dieing, or shocked, not thinking it’s over or under nutrient levels. Only reason I say this is because all the clones are beautiful, dark leaves, budding like mad but the 1 from seed has smaller buds and all the shade leaves are brown, what seems like it’s dieing. Bud growth is minimal. All plants are on the same ebb and flow system and same conditions. I’m roughly around 85 degrees and a bit low on humidity, say 30-35%. I have been supplementing with CO2 as well. PH at 6-6.3, PPM 1200-1600. It just seems strange that one is not doing well and the other 5 are. Any ideas or incite would be great. Thanks in advance. Thinking a have some kind of spore or mold. I had a 2nd one from seed, same strain that completely died 3 weeks into flower. No idea on that one either. Had great luck last time, one loss, 1.5lbs from 6 clones, all different strains.

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  14. lil dick

    Simply the best site i’ve come across so far…keep it up dudes!

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  15. $PλZZ705

    I don’t know what these bugs are but they’re black on the upper top leaves where and when you take them off they can jump but they are really really small black pugs

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  16. mark

    Growing Sour Diesel 7weeks in . One plant wasn’t watered for 4 days and dried out.I am started watering again. Pistils brown.Buds dry but still slightly moist. As I understand SD needs 9 to 10 weeks before harvest. Should I harvest or wait a few more weeks. Afraid plant will not be usable.

    Another SD plant watered on schedule, green moist beautiful.

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  17. Mic

    Hi Dude, try using some good soil, I buy my from on line sources such as ebay, a cor type is brilliant, mix this with some normal potting compost from a garden centre. Next, DONT soak the seeds or put them between pieces of wet paper towels, I did it this way for years and never had very strong plants, just place the seeds into the soil mix about 1/2″ deep, lightly cover and then leave alone. There will be sufficient moisture in the cor/compost mix to start the seeds off, after about 5-6 days you should see the initial shoots coming through. Your lights should not be too close or you will dry the mix out and kill your seeds so put them about 18″ above the seeds to start with. I always have one of the smallest fans going at all times just to ensure air movement but I use a regulator to adjust the speed and set it low. When watering your seed after they have started to grow just use enough to ensure they have a good drink, about 5ml each 3 or 4 times a day After 2 weeks they should be about 6″ tall plus have their second set of leaves, increase the water ration to 10ml per plant. Buy some good quality feed for your plants and follow the instructions carefully, too much feed will kill them, feed once a week only. Increase water as plants grow. I have a 4 tube light set up which has sufficient light to enable them to grow plus I use 2 of the red/blue 40watt L.E.D. light units which are great for leaf and stem growth, the electrical cost this way is minimal. Leave the lights on 24hr a day for the first 2 weeks, as the plants grow change to 18/6, when close to flowering time change to 12/12, you should get some good results. This site is superb for all the info you require but remember getting the best seeds to start with is your number one priority, I only plant 4 seeds and always get 4 plants, I do this on a 3 month cycle, this is for my own use and is more than sufficient. Good luck

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  18. Dude

    High everyone
    i need help…
    can anybody tell me why my plants die when they are in seedling stage?
    please someone tell if you know about it.

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  19. Steven Groves

    Wicked info could ask for anything more im new 2 this game & don’t have a clue. Well now I do fantastic site

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  20. john

    Im growing my first plant and im only five days in can i use regular light bulbs becUse some of the led ph lights are pretty expensive also how tall should a plant be after the firsg seven days

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  21. Larry Saunders

    I have a friend that grows weed in his basement of a small house. He grows ‘hydroponically’ and uses fish tank rocks (pebbles) with a gentle flow of water permeating the rocks.

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  22. Darrin

    So I live up in the middle of no where in canada. But I wanna grow out door cause I don’t have all the money for an indoor setup. Since we have frost till roughly mid May, could I start growing indoors and later on transfer it to soil outside?

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  23. Kdwag

    Hi, im a first time grower trying to get started. but I am getting confused but everything im reading. witch soil is the best to use. & how much air & light is needed on the plants? if someone could please get back to me id greatly appreciate it

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  24. NamNut1968

    How many Hours of daylight, and How many hours of Dark do I need to make the plant bud? do I need to grow in a hydrophonics

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  25. tsizzle

    Need help I wanna know why my shits looking the way it is

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    Rating: -14 (from 78 votes)
  26. Richard Cox

    will marijuana grow in cedar planters say 24″ across top and 30″ deep?? Or would it hurt them??

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    Rating: +4 (from 52 votes)
  27. Laird Almas

    When do you turn lights off to start flowering of purple kush. At present on 24/7 to ensure vegetation

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    Rating: -12 (from 64 votes)
  28. ron b

    I am a first time grower. Using a “Slolarstorm 400” so far so good, bit slower than I was hoping for. Just added a home made co2 treatment. I used a 2L plastic milk jug, put 4 holes in cap(4 plants) ran clear plastic tubing thru cap. Now put about one cup of hot water into bottel and add 4 nuggets of dry ice.replace cap. place hoses near plants and let the co2 flow.

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  29. Violet Green

    I recommend this site for anyone who is new to growing. I had no problems setting up a system and having my first successful grow with just the info in this site. Thanks!!!

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    Rating: +4 (from 32 votes)
  30. jack

    I just found your web site. I appreciate the wide range of info. I am from MA and recently was cleared for medical use and have never grown anything. I am going to give it a try and see how good I do. I will keep you updated.

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    Rating: +13 (from 23 votes)
  31. keith

    my motto is loose lips sinks ships. I have experience with house invaders of law makers and the breakers, not nice! But no problems since 2005, fingers crossed and touch wood. good site and brill information!

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    Rating: +4 (from 14 votes)
  32. Green Man

    If you’re growing indoors the type of soil locally shouldn’t affect anything as it advisable to purchase a good soil mix. See our section called medium to find out more on soil mixes. Growing indoors also means you can grow any strain as you can control the conditions. Our site sponsor, have many high quality, high THC strains.

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  33. Linda

    I live in an area with red clay type soil and have a few questions, what are the best plants to grow here starting with seeds that have the highest THC content and are easier to grow? Also, what is the best year around growing temp. since they will be indoors? Thanks!!!

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    Rating: +4 (from 14 votes)
  34. Green Man

    Hi Eric, you should find all the information you need to grow marijuana indoors on the different pages of this site.

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    Rating: +3 (from 7 votes)
  35. Eric l Bullock

    send me all information on how to grow marijana indoors in a space the size of a small bed room. I am also interested in getting the best seeds.

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    Rating: -6 (from 20 votes)
  36. Green Man

    Super Lemon Haze is an excellent strain.

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    Rating: +5 (from 11 votes)
  37. Green Man

    Hi there, thanks for the heads up on this. We’ve corrected the problem! Happy growing!

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  38. greta hebert

    once you move the plants into the bud room, do you still enter {after the room is dark, w/green light} to spray the leaves down?

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    Rating: -5 (from 11 votes)
  39. KJH

    Six inches after 3 weeks is not bad. Keep light close if CFL’s, FIM early after about two nodes. Fim several times. Bushes will develop, depending on strain.

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  40. anthony

    i have been growing for 3 weeks and my plants are only 6 inches…is this normal and what should i be using to help them grow better?

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    Rating: +4 (from 14 votes)

    If the stems are long and thin they may be stretching to the light. If this is the case ensure the lights are the correct distance away. To help strengthen stems ensure you have an oscillating fan in you grow room, keep it on a low setting and the gentle movement of the stems caused by the fan will help improve their strength.

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  42. Donna

    My plants have really thin stems what can I do to make them bigger

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