Purple Pineberry

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Growers in colder and wetter climates, rejoice, while Purple Pineberry’s genetics remain largely a secret, it is known that this strain hails from British Columbia, Canada and was turned from a clone-only strain into a strain available in seed form by Dutch firm MSNL.  Its hardiness, flavour and medical effects are winning it a significant fan base.

In terms of taste, this is one for people who like their weed fruity, blueberry to be precise.  As the name suggests, the fruitiness is balanced by pine freshness and the base notes are of earthiness and skunk.  In terms of scent, the pine element is very much dominant, which is rather appropriate since this strain grows in the classic, Indica “Christmas tree” shape.  If you’re wondering where the “purple” bit of the name came from, the answer is that in cooler climates, this strain takes on a gorgeous purple colour.

Notwithstanding its clear Indica dominance, there’s a very reasonable amount of THC in Purple Pineberry, around 19% to 22% in point of fact.  CBD is around 1%.  This means that initial effects will be felt in the head, although we’d characterize them more as an energetic buzz than a full, cerebral high.  This is probably because the CBD content acts as an anchor, which gradually takes more and more of a hold and brings you gently down into that warm, comfortable Indica stone.  Putting this together means that Purple Pineberry is probably best kept as an evening strain, but could potentially be used with care in the daytime.

Purple Pineberry is a great choice for beginners and still has a lot to offer the more experienced.  The one key point to remember when growing this strain is that it really does smell of pine, so indoors air filters are highly recommended and outdoors think about positioning your plants to keep the smell from annoying your neighbours (or indeed getting too much for you).  Otherwise, Purple Pineberry will withstand just about anything and everything and still give you some kind of crop, although, of course, your results will improve (up to 500g/sm), if you are prepared to treat this strain with some love.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Eight to ten weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Early October
Grow Difficulty:


Purple Pineberry, 3.4 out of 5 based on 22 ratings


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3 comments on Purple Pineberry
  1. Charles

    Hey this Charles reeferman scott the purple pineberry is a hybrid between Texada time warp and cream sodica a long since lost strain from the golf island of B.C. that was sold by Breeder Steve from Spice of life seed for a short time years ago .
    Pineberry will never reach close to 18-22% thc in perfect condition it will
    Reach 13-14% I have tested it many tines .she is mould resistant and tough for cold wet climates .
    The flavour is rough but smokable much like Dutch purple varieties.

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  2. Brian Hanninen

    To the gentleman who is looking for purple pineapple, may I suggest a better strain for your condition.
    Please Google blue dynamite.
    You will find the breeder and how to buy.
    I recommend this strain due to the high thc and CBD levels which is necessary for you.

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    Rating: +2 (from 6 votes)
  3. John E. Young

    retired with cancer want to grow my own interested in purple pineapple

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