Animal Cookies Strain

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Animal Cookies is a cross between Fire OG and, of course, Girl Scout Cookies.  It’s one of the most powerful medical strains available and it also tastes great. 

Even though this strain is 75% Indica, it can have up to 23% THC and up to 4% CBD.  This means that people new to Animal Cookies should remember to start low and go slow.  The pain relief is exactly what you’d expect from the headline THC figure.  It’s both fast-acting and effective.  The head rush, by contrast, is a bit more mellow, thanks to the Indica genetics.  Basically it’s more about blissful joy than about a full-on creative energy rush.  After the head buzz, you will transition into a very deep, utterly relaxing, full-body stone.

animal cookies strain

At 4% CBD, couchlock is a given.  Since the THC levels are very likely to make you hungry (and possibly thirsty as well), it’s a really good idea to have something to eat and drink nearby.   

As you will have guessed from this description, Animal Cookies is very definitely a night-time strain.  If you must use it in the day time, then you’re going to need to be really careful about allowing yourself time to recover before doing anything complicated, especially driving. 

Animal Cookies will grow happily indoors or outdoors, in a warm, dry, sunny climate.  Indoors it has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks and outdoors it will be ready in late September or early October.  The good news for indoor (and greenhouse) growers is that Animal Cookies is nicely compact strain.  It has a vertical growing range of about 150cm (indoor minimum) to 180cm (outdoor maximum). 

You will, however, need to allow a decent amount of floor space to allow the plants to stretch out their branches.  This is a must for all Indicas in order to ensure good air flow.  If you do this, you should have a straightforward grow as Animal Cookies has very robust genetics. 

This strain offers very reasonable yields.  Indoor growers could collect up to 350g per meter squared and outdoor growers could collect up to 450g per plant.  Visually, Animal Cookies looks much more like Fire OG than GSC.  In fact, it’s a very fiery-looking strain in general with its bright orange hairs, looking all the brighter against the frosty-white of the trichomes. 

Similarly the taste and aroma of Animal Cookies is also more Fire OG than GSC.  It has a base of sweet wood and earth, topped by herbs and warm spices with dashes of menthol pine and citrus. 

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
9 to 10 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Late September
Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG
Grow Difficulty:
Animal Cookies Strain, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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