Killer Purps – Bomb Seeds

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Sativa dominant Killer Purps from Bomb Seeds came about by crossing the perennially popular and reliable Sour Diesel with a highly unusual variety of Buzz Bomb.  As a Sativa dominant, it’s good for treating emotional issues, basically working as a mental pick-me-up.  Recreational users quite simply appreciate its excellent taste and effect.  For growers this is possibly best described as a practical choice.  While it can’t match the likes of Big Bud in terms of absolute yield, it doesn’t need anything like as much space either.  Although the Sativa genetics mean that this strain is on the tall side of medium, low-stress training can be used to reduce the amount of headroom needed.


In terms of flavour, Killer Purps has established its credentials with weed connoisseurs (and it produces plenty of resin for those with a taste for hash).  Taste-wise this is a true child of Sour Diesel, but the pungency of the skunk is nicely counterbalanced with a fresh and sweet tang of citrus.


The effect is strong enough to be meaningful but light enough to allow this strain to be enjoyed in breaks between work without the user having to deal with grogginess.  It opens with the euphoric sensations typical of the Sativa lifting smokers out of bad days, horrible weather, mean bosses, break-up blues or anything else that’s bothering them.  It then mellows down into a warm, comfortable stone, which swaddles the user gentle until they either get up and on with their day or settle down to enjoy some peaceful sleep.


Growers will appreciate the practical robustness and respectable yields offered by this strain.  It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but in either case growers are well advised to think about ventilation (or which way the wind tends to blow).  You may love the pungent smell of skunk this variety gives off in the later stages of flowering, but skunk is a matter of taste and your neighbours may not share it.  On a similar note, this plant is very beautiful to look at and is likely to draw attention, so unless you live in a really secure and/or isolated area, you may want to think carefully about where you site it since it’s far from unheard of for thieves to target expensive-looking plants.  Look after your plant and it will reward you with yields of Medium (400-450g/m²) plus lots of resin to harvest after around 10-11 weeks or in late October (Northern hemisphere).

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
Medium to Tall
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10-11 weeks
Plant Type:
Mid - Late October
Sour Diesel x Buzz Bomb
Medium to High
Grow Difficulty:
Killer Purps - Bomb Seeds, 3.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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