Marijuana Seeds

Using top quality marijuana seeds are the most reliable way to grow the best strain genetics and the best plant.  There are hundreds of different weed strains available at good seed banks, each with different characteristics.
Marijuana Seeds

What are the advantages of growing from seeds?

Growing from seed is the natural way to do it and produces a wonderful variation of buds within the same genetic range.  Although growing from a female clone guarantees you a female plant, unless you change the growing environment, there is little room for variation and therefore improvement.

There are a wider range of strains available in seed than in clone, opening up your options for growing different genetics.
Cannabis seeds can be delivered anywhere in the world, so you don’t need a local medical dispensary to be able to grow.
If you intend to breed, you’re better off with cannabis seeds as they yield better results because the plants go through less stress and you can grow males!
Plants grown from seeds do not experience any of the genetic drift that you get in clones that have been taken from an old mother plant.
Cannabis Seeds produce better rooting systems which give you a stronger plant when flowering.
Growing from seed gives you an opportunity to try something new every time.
Good cannabis seeds have a germination rate of 85% and above, whereas clones have a success rate of 50%.

Selecting the best marijuana seeds

When selecting the best marijuana seeds you should know what type of marijuana you wish to grow.  Are you growing for medical reasons, are you a commercial grower or are you a leisure smoker who’s really into their connoisseur strains?  Do you have a lot of space, live in a good climate, or do you just have a closet?  These are the questions you should ask yourself if you’re going to pick the right strain to grow.

There are many different types of Selecting marijuana seeds strains available that suit every toker’s tastes.  Be sure to pick a strain that can grow in the climate you’re going to provide it.  Know its growth characteristics and the expected amount of time it will take to grow from seed into smokeable bud.  Use our strain guide to help you choose a suitable strain.

Good cannabis seeds will be hard and dark brown with spots or mottling.  Depending on the strain, the size will vary as Indica strains tend to produce large seeds with what looks like tiger stripes, and Sativa cannabis seeds tend to be smaller, with little markings on the seed casing.  Avoid using pale, green, cracked or weak cannabis seeds as these are unlikely to germinate or will produce weak plants.  Remember, good looking seeds produce good looking buds.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Normally, if you were to buy regular seeds, around 50% would turn out to be male and the other 50% would produce female plants.  Buying feminized seeds increases your chances of growing a female plant from 50% to 95%.  Although a feminized seed will never grow a male plant, poor growing conditions and genetics make some strains susceptible to growing as hermaphrodites.

What genetic types are available?

All marijuana plants are variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant, including; Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.  Due to years of cultivation, it is very rare to get a pure version of any of these types, with most being hybrids which have a dominant genetic type.

Below is a brief summary of each strain and their key characteristics.

– Sativa – Sativa plants grow tall and thin, take longer to mature, and tend to produce bigger yields than Indica plants.  The high is cerebral and energetic.
– Indica –  Indica plants grow short and bushy, mature earlier than sativas producing sticky and resinous buds.  The buzz is more of a body stone that can lead to couch lock.
– Ruderalis/Auto-flower – Autos tend to be extremely short so are ideal for people lacking grow space.  They can receive light 24 hours a day when flowering and mature very quickly.  A pure Ruderalis strain lacks potency so they are normally crossed with other, more potent strains to retain THC levels.
– Hybrid – Hybrids are the most common type, made up of two or more of the above with most hybrid strains having an Indica or Sativa dominance.  Ruderalis hybrids are crossed to make fast maturing plants with a high potency.

Where can I get the best marijuana seeds?


The easiest and quickest way to get the best marijuana seeds is online.  Nowadays there are plenty of reputable seeds banks that supply good genetics at good prices.  Listed below are sites we trust and recommend. – Good genetics, wide range, fast and supportive with excellent customer service.  They also deliver worldwide.

They have a wide range of genetics enabling you to find the strain that fits your personal preferences.  Good online seed banks send them discreetly so you won’t arouse suspicions at customs.   The better online seed banks have customer service so will replace seeds that haven’t germinated or will be able to refund you.  You can buy feminized seeds knowing that they will grow into female plants.

There are a lot of fraud companies out there who take your money and don’t send the seeds as well as some companies who don’t send what you’ve paid for.  Use the recommended seed banks provided and you’ll be able to grow the buds you paid for.


Bagseeds are fine to use and will produce a bud that you’ve already tasted.   However, the growing conditions that you provide may well be very different to those that the seeds were produced in making it harder to control.

Very cost effective and you know what you’re going to smoke.

They have low germination rates.  Also, even if you like the smoke, it is unlikely that you’re going to recreate the same growing conditions and therefore the same bud.  A bag seed may also have hermaphrodite tendencies, which may be the reason why there was a seed in your bag in the first place.

Purchase marijuana seeds personally at a shop

If you’re lucky enough to either live in or visit a country that sells seeds legally, it might be worth visiting a seed shop.  Marijuana Seed shops offer a wide range of marijuana seeds and personal advice if you have specific questions.

The main advantage is that you can ask as many questions as you want.  The seller may have some preferences and be able to tell you what to expect when growing the strain you have chosen.

As well as having to import them back home yourself, it’s hard to get a refund or replacements if the seeds haven’t germinated.

How do you store your seeds?

Cannabis SeedsOnce they have been received, store your seeds properly to help ensure they germinate when they are needed.  Keep your seeds in a cool, dark, dry place, ideally around 5°C (slightly warmer than a refrigerator) in an air tight container, with either some silica gel or a few grains of rice to remove moisture.  Getting this right will mean you can store your seeds for up to five years!

What problems occur if your marijuana seeds are not stored correctly?

If your marijuana seeds are not stored correctly, they are less likely to germinate.  If the storage environment contains any condensation, the seeds may start to germinate and expend any energy they have before you get around to planting them.

Breeding Cannabis Seeds

If you’re growing from seed rather than clone, picking the best marijuana seeds for your environment or personal taste will make growing the end product all the more easy. Marijuana seeds with strong genetics generally equal fewer issues during your grow cycle.

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    they have the fatest leaves almost like a strawberry leaf i germenated them then
    i plantedthem in 5gal buckets so no more transplanting i heard the more room they have to grow more likely they will become female and i also germinated them while on my monthly i know that sounds weird but if u have a room full of woman and one is on her monthly atlest 80 percent will also start there monthly as well
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