Berry Ryder

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Berry Ryder is a hybrid cross between two powerful strains, Blueberry and Auto #1. It’s an Indica dominant strain but also has Sativa and Ruderalis genetics, with the latter coming from Auto #1. The Ruderalis part of the mix is what makes this strain autoflowering. Blueberry took first place overall in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup and appeared in the awards list on two other occasions.

The strain has an earthy, sweetish smell and when you light it up you’ll taste fruit and berries. The high is leisurely rather than soaring and it’s a good weed for relaxing with friends. Medical dispensaries recommend it for stress and poor appetite.

The plants grow to a height of between 60 and 80 centimetres when cultivated in soil and they may grow a little taller when grown in a hydro setup. The plant has small, light green leaves and the buds are dense, roundish and sticky. In cooler conditions, Berry Ryder plants take on a blue colouring. THC content is in the medium to high range.

Indoors, its autoflowering quality means it doesn’t need light variation to make it flower. A constant lighting of up to 20 hours per day will see Berry Ryder grow from seed to harvest in as little as 60 to 65 days. Despite the diminutive size of the plants, Berry Rider yields are decent.

This is a robust strain and it will grow well outdoors even in colder northern climates as long as it gets plenty of light.

If you’ve only got limited space for indoor growing or you want to grow outdoors without attracting unwelcome attention, Berry Ryder is a great choice. Both novice and experienced smokers will enjoy the mellow hit and the fruity, berry flavor.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor and Outdoor
Short - Medium
THC Level:
Medium to High
Flowering Time:
60-65 days from seed
Plant Type:
Late September
Origional Blueberry x Auto #1
Grow Difficulty:


Berry Ryder, 3.6 out of 5 based on 32 ratings


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