Black Mamba CBD Auto

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As its name suggests, the Indica Black Mamba CBD Auto, is a cross between the original Black Mamba and Tangie Auto. black-mamba-cbd-auto-strain-scope-reviewWith so much emphasis on THC content these days, it’s good to see a low-THC variety for those who just want gentle pain relief without a cerebral high.

The taste is fruity, in particular there’s plenty of grape. It’s also sweet, maybe a bit like bubble gum, but there’s a slight menthol edge to it too, which stops it from becoming cloying. The taste is reflected in the aroma, from the scent alone, you could easily picture this strain being sold in a wine shop or even as a perfume.

Even though the THC content is only about 5%, it’s still enough for users to feel some immediate pain relief and a lightening of their mood. The real strength of this variety, however, both literally and figuratively, is its CBD strength, which also comes in at around 5%. This makes it rather too heavy-duty for day time use, but perfect for anyone who wants a strain which will guarantee them a full night’s quality sleep with neither physical pain nor mental stress. Hence, this is one of the top varieties for dealing with insomnia. We would, however, suggest some caution here. Black Mamba CBD Auto gets to work really quickly, as in there is a good chance you are going to find your eyelids closing and couch lock setting in with the first draw. Hence you are probably going to want to use it from your bed. We all, however, know the dangers of smoking in bed, therefore you may want to look at a vaporizer. If you do, you’ll probably need to clean it regularly as this strain produces a lot of resin and hence can gum up vaporizers and pipes very quickly and easily.

If this sounds like the strain for you, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s about as easy to grow as a strain can be. In addition to being autoflowering, it’s robust and beginner-friendly. What’s more, yields are very respectable for an autoflowering strain, coming in at around 500 gr/m2.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors & Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Nine Weeks
Plant Type:
Nine Weeks
Black Mamba and Tangie Auto
Grow Difficulty:
Black Mamba CBD Auto, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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