Chocolate Mint OG

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Sativa dominant Emerald OG and GrandDaddy Purp is a big, bold strain which is probably best avoided by beginners, both as a strain to use and as a strain to grow. If you’re looking for the most powerful pain relief there is, then start with minute doses. Even the experienced should treat this strain with great respect.

For all its mighty strength, the flavour and aroma of Chocolate Mint OG really is enough to make your mouth water, at least assuming you like both chocolate and mint, there’s a hint of pine too. Underneath it all, however, there’s a spicy body. In fact, this weed tastes and smells like the product of a very high-class chocolate shop.

The reason this strain needs to be handled with care is because THC levels are around the highest they can possibly be at this time. A massive 22% is the minimum you can expect, it can go as high as 26%. In other words, it is the strongest of pain relief and the highest of highs.

Speaking of highs, this variety can easily grow up to almost 4 metres out of doors. This can be kept down somewhat indoors, but you’re still looking at a good 3 metres. Because of this, realistically Chocolate Mint OG needs both ample space and a lot of support. Ideally it should be grown in steel cages with secondary trellising. On the plus side, the shape of the leaves is quite good from the point of view of ensuring adequate air flow, but growers will still need to keep a sharp eye out for mould and move to treat it promptly. You’ll also need to provide plenty of nourishment since this variety often stretches double during the flowering period and it needs its food to make that possible.

We’d love to tell you that the reward for all this effort is a huge harvest, but actually yields are moderate for the size of the plant, coming in at around 400 – 500 grams per m2. Basically the reason for growing this strain is its quality. This is a niche variety and is essentially for marijuana connoisseurs and medical users who need the strongest, fastest-acting pain relief there is.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Super High
Flowering Time:
Eight to nine weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa Dominant
Emerald OG and GrandDaddy Purp
Grow Difficulty:
Chocolate Mint OG, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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5 comments on Chocolate Mint OG
  1. Rob Humphrey

    North Central ont here again. All 10 are flourishing.
    36″ in approx. a month
    Bushy.. 8-10 fingers on the leaf.
    Hava great season

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  2. Rob Humphrey

    I just started 10 outdoors. North central ontario . I will keep u posted
    In the promix . Starting heights 6–10″

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  3. Jason archer

    I was able to pick up a few seeds recently. I live in northeastern Ok. I plan on taking this beast on this season. I am not an experienced grower as most of yall are. I have a couple harvests under my belt is all. I will b keeping an update on this grow. Any and all advice is welcomed.
    I’m looking to grow quality over quantity

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  4. Robert

    Good quality is always a challenge and in high demand. I’d like to purchase this strain and those similar. Yet, how can I be sure of the purchase? People, association’s are so full of it. The dollar makes some people deceitful. Would only honest seller’s respond to my request for good,quality seeds or clones.

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