Narco Purps Auto

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marco-purps-autoIndica dominant Narco Purps is a fun and effective mixture of Narco Kush Auto, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, bred by the Cream of the Crop seedbank.  It combines beginner appeal (as it’s an autoflowering strain) with bag appeal, tastes good and does you good.

With a Kush/Afghani heritage, you’d probably expect Narco Purps to have a strong, hash flavour and indeed you’d be right, but it’s not your traditional, full-on hash taste, more like a modern update on it, with notes of flowers and grapes.  As a result, while the scent does definitely have that solid, Kush base, it also has light, sweet top notes and is often compared to incense.

At 16% THC, Narco Purps is in line with modern standards for Indica-dominant hybrids.  It’s enough to give you speedy pain relief and a quick boost to your mood without blasting your into orbit.  In fact, if anything your high will probably feel quite deep, an enlightening experience rather than a peppy and energetic one, although it’s still definitely cerebral.  Similarly, the stone is light and comfortable, rather than all-consuming.

At first glance, Narco Purps has all the hallmarks of a daytime strain and indeed it’s often used for daytime pain relief.  Interestingly, however, it’s also popular as a treatment for insomnia.  Basically the THC content is high enough to deal with physical pain and stress (or even a combination of the two), while there is sufficient CBD to bring on physical relaxation and put the user in the mood for sleep, which is often at least half the battle.

Narco Purps is a solid choice for both beginners and more experienced growers.  For beginners, the advantages of autoflowering strains are obvious, they really are as easy as it gets when it comes to marijuana and Narco Purps scores bonus points for being very resilient to mould and pests.  Even more experienced growers, can appreciate the fact that this strain can be grown with such little effort, plus it has the added bonus of being purple, which means it looks really good on the plant and in the bag.  Even though this makes absolutely no difference to the taste or medical benefits, it can make for extra bragging rights with your friends.  In purely practical terms, Narco Purps is a medium-height plant, which will grow happily indoors and outdoors (with appropriate protection from the weather).  Indoors it can produce up to 600 gr/m2 and outdoors it can make 70gr/pp.

Strain Characteristics:

THC Level:
Flowering Time:
9 weeks from seed
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Narco Kush Auto X Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani
Grow Difficulty:
Narco Purps Auto, 4.1 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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