Neville’s Haze

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Neville's Haze

Sativa-dominant Nevilles Haze is dedicated to a legendary cannabis cultivator who worked in the Netherlands in the 1980s, Nevil Schoenmakers (yes, the spelling of his first name has gone a bit wonky over the years). Schoenmakers held joint Australian and Dutch citizenship and was arrested in Australia at the behest of American authorities who wanted to extradite him on cannabis charges. An Australian court granted him bail in 1991 and his whereabouts since then remain a mystery. This strain is the product of a cross between the original Haze strain and Northern Lights, two venerable marijuana hybrids.

The smell and flavor of Nevilles Haze will remind you of pine forests, flowers and newly dug earth. The hit can be overpowering, with a fast and furious rush. Inexperienced smokers should take it easy with this strain, which can verge on the hallucinogenic. In medical use, it can help with muscular pain and poor appetite.

This is a lanky plant that can grow as tall as four metres if left to its own devices outdoors in a tropical climate. It has multiple branches which produce buds so heavy that they can snap the stems. The leaves are palmate with long, thin fingers and the fluffy buds are covered in sticky resin. THC levels can be as high as 21 percent when grown in the right conditions.

Unless you live somewhere with a tropical climate, you should grow Neville Haze seeds indoors. It can be quite a fussy plant and when grown indoors, it requires close monitoring to ensure the right light, nutrient and moisture levels. It also needs careful trimming. Flowering time can be as long as 14 weeks and yields are up to 650 grams per square metre.

Outdoors in a tropical climate, it should be ready for harvest in late November in the Northern Hemisphere, and it can yield up to 800 grams per plant if allowed to grow to its full extent. The plants will need support as they mature.

To conclude this Nevilles Haze review, this is not an easy strain to grow. But if you have some solid horticultural experience, Nevilles Haze can produce a good indoor harvest that offers a potent high.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors, or outdoors in a tropical climate
THC Level:
Up to 21%
Flowering Time:
10 - 14 Weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa/Indica (75/25)
Late November
Haze x Northern Lights
Up to 600 grams pm/2 indoors, Up to 600 grams pm/2 outdoors
Grow Difficulty:
Moderate - Difficult


Neville's Haze, 3.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings


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4 comments on Neville’s Haze
  1. Juggernaut

    Not sure what some of the comments here are calling nevils haze but if you want to see the true nevils haze check out the huge plant ghs grow in their old video (not the new videos as it seems to be something else) wich is a actual true f1 nevils haze cutting. Very hard to find nowdays. Its a huge stretchy plant with massive internodal spacing. Can grow huge sativa leaves.You’ll be lucky to find a seed that finishes in 12-14 as as most go 16-22 weeks. It usually dont even sex till week 8-9. Over powering chemical like taste thats so stong it actually can hurt the back of your throat and lungs and can quickly give people very strong paranioa type effect as if theyve taken way too much. So for this reason best used in small amounts. Clearly a strain thats imitated by many yet matched by little if any. A awsome power house once in a lifetime strain that gives people a chance to relive the truly destructive power of the world best sativas from days long gone that sadly dont exist no more.

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  2. Mark

    Nevills haze is not enjoyable, a hit or 2, causes mind stress, like anxiety. Medical benifit is, makes anxiety seem like nothing. Effects last for 3 hours.
    Might be ok for racing. Not for being laid back. I don’t know anyone who ever liked it for casual outings
    Go figure legal weed maybe all the strains that failed underground

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  3. Tyr

    I may have it or close too , it’s a N.L X think ? Red Kush,Vanilla Kush ? But unsure . It has very long red hairs to the point where people were Mucking about saying it looks like i threw in rolling tobacco, for at bottom of Oz ,pnd, ? U have what looks like tobacco lol .
    It’s long & Hardy man it’s a strong plant . I actually had a couple of people say it makes them “katatonic” !!?? So !!
    I go with that. It does you keep topping up your cone as you burn most off , so you can get the sweet flavours .
    It was ordered it n the 80’s WAAAYY b4 all this stuff & it’s been makinh huge yeids for near 30 something years.
    I thought it may be Ruderalis as it has small leaves & huge bigger than hand sized long ,loooong…stem yes you hafto train down 1st or yes I cut the 3rd down .. I’ll try put pic up .coz your explaining sounds very familiar .

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  4. Badger

    A friend gave me Neville’s Haze seeds from Barney’s Farm and I used it for my fourth cannabis grow, still a beginner. I flowered it in a 4’x4’x7′ grow tent under a 600w HPS, total flowering time was 12 weeks. For me it was an easy plant to grow even as a beginner. It was robustly healthy, aggressive growth rate, and produced 672 grams for a total of a pound and a half from one plant. Buds were tall and thick like a baseball bat, some of them flopped over they were so heavy but didn’t snap their stems so I let them lie. I grew it just like any other strain keeping constant watch over the conditions and it grew itself into a monster. The key for indoor growing, since it is a tall plant outdoors, is to prune it early and often. When the seedling produced its third set of leaves, I cut the tip off and repeated two more times, that keep the height manageable and the yield even greater. Potency was excellent, a bountiful harvest indeed.

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