Silver Haze Automatic

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Silver Haze Automatic

The Silver Haze Automatic strain is the result of crossing an unknown Kush ruderalis and Super Silver Haze with the intention of making an autoflower that excites more traditional growers. The result is an awesome mix of the easy to grow and fast finishing characteristics of an auto, and the mind melting potency, yield and flavour of an award winning photoperiod strain.

Silver Haze Automatic weed has an agreeable pine and lemon fragrance that is present in the flavour, as well as hints of pepper on the exhale and aftertaste. After a couple of hits or tokes, a nice body high sets in giving you a feeling of invigoration, moving nicely onto a calming head high. If you smoke a little you’ll have a nice balanced high; a lot will leave you couchlocked for a couple of hours. Medically, this strain is good for patients who suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia.

The Silver Haze Automatic strain is a vigorous grower that reaches heights between 30 and 100 centimetres. The buds grow tight and compact and are encased in an abundance of resin, which also covers the plant from head to toe. THC levels have been measured as high.

Indoors, the plants explosive growth is suited to both SOG and SCROG set ups, with impressive yields and flavours being produced in both hydroponics and soil. It’s easy to grow and likes a feed, with impressive crops of 120 grams per plant when it’s kept on a 20/4 light regime.

Outdoors, sow the seeds at the end of May to make the most out of the dry summer months and maximise its yield potential. You can grow this weed in cooler northern climates, but make sure you choose a position where it receives a lot of sunlight. This is a stinky bud so it’s probably not the best choice if nosey neighbours are an issue. Harvest comes at the end of August.

Silver Haze Automatic weed is a fantastic choice for beginner growers, as it produces an impressive crop even in the clumsiest hands. However, what’s really impressive about this weed is its potency and taste, which is guaranteed to turn any grower onto the benefits of autoflowering weed strains.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or Outdooors
30 cm to 100 cm
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
75 days from seed
Plant Type:
Super Silver Haze x Unknown Kush Ruderalis
Up to 120 g per plant
Grow Difficulty:


Silver Haze Automatic, 4.1 out of 5 based on 17 ratings


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2 comments on Silver Haze Automatic
  1. Qsmoke

    Well it’s almost day 60 and my plants are thriving and I have them under 4 ft shop lights 1 led 4500 lumen and 2 t8 tubes but silver haze auto is sticky and stinky probably only a half ounce on it now but it’s probably due to lighting. My critical reg is doing awsome she’s 2 weeks younger but flipped in to flower early with my silver haze auto. Nice colas on it 6 main shoots . I lost on 2 1 crit1 auto . Only amendments I used was cal mag ph water to 6-6.5 now using bat guano as top dressing and probably start flushing my SH auto in 2 weeks. My tent and maxi sun led should be here tomorrow.

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  2. Qsmoke

    I just started an auto of this its 4 days old and doing great with 2 reg critical and my other silver haze auto just germinated. Happy growing

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