White Cookies

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It can be a challenge finding White Cookies in dispensaries, but the taste and effect are both so good that it can be worth growing your own until you can persuade your local outlet to stock it.  Even though it’s an Indica dominant, the THC content is more in line with a Sativa so it offers users the best of both worlds.

Someone at Crop King Seeds had the genius idea of crossing White Widow with Girl Scout Cookies to combine the best of a classic strain with the best of a popular favourite.

The taste is that gorgeous Girl Scout Cookies flavour, full of chocolate, lemon, mint and vanilla as well as buttery richness and the aroma is complex and satisfying with top notes of lemon, pepper and herbs, moving down to a body full of chocolate and finally with dank and earthy base notes.

With 15%-20% THC, you’d be forgiven for thinking this strain was actually a Sativa, or at least Sativa dominant.  The initial effect is certainly in line with an old-school Sativa with a quick blast of pain relief followed by a bright and buzzy cerebral high, which can lift the lowest of moods.

This strain is an indica at heart and offers that delicious total-body relaxation you associate with the best Indicas.  White Cookies is known for its ability to bring on the munchies and so it’s a good idea to have plenty of food and some liquid to hand.  As you’ll have realized from this, it’s often used to treat lack of appetite.  It also tends to leave people pleasantly sleepy and hence is good for insomnia.  In fact, overall, this strain does tend to be used more as an Indica than as a Sativa, being a popular choice for nausea, depression, stress and chronic pain.

White Cookies will happily grow indoors or outdoors and with a 9-week flowering period and an outdoor harvest time of mid-/end-September makes them a feasible choice for outdoor growers in much of Europe, all the more so since White Cookies will thrive in pretty much all temperatures except really extreme ones (provided that it gets enough light of course).  As an Indica dominant, White Cookies will typically stay around the one metre mark, but the yields it produces belie its short stature and 400 grams per plant is a perfectly realistic expectation.  Even though the taste of White Cookies is very much based on Girl Scout Cookies, the appearance is classic White Widow, full of glittering white trichomes so growers need to be prepared to get their fingers sticky – literally.  The one point about this strain, which might be an issue in certain situations, is that the smell during growth can get to be on the strong side, so site these plants with care if you’re growing outdoors and give consideration to air filters if you’re growing indoors.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Nine weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Mid/End September
White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies
Grow Difficulty:
White Cookies, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Alex s

    I am having a problem getting my seeds to get passed popping the tap root they pop then just stay any help appreciated I have tried the standard put the seeds in paper towels and they popped but nothing more then the next batch we soaked them in the dark then put them in a towel and they popped but nothing more than a tiny tap root…. right now we are retrying the original towel method but this time in the 80 degree grow room on a heat pad soon as I wake up I’ll check them out this time we used 8 layers thick on the paper

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