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thai-stick-marijuana-seeds-by-msnlThai Stick was originally a specific form of landrace Thai Sativa, which was imported into the U.S. over the 1970s and 1980s.  This Thai Stick is essentially the domesticated and improved version, created by MSNL.

If the name “Thai Stick” makes you think that the taste will be full of oriental sweet-and-sour spices, then you’re definitely on the right lines.  There’s certainly plenty of spiciness and an undertaste of sour candy and citrus.  The aroma is actually quite reminiscent of Thai cooking with lots of lemon to go with the exotic spices; the baseline is sweet but robust wood.

This is still an “old school” Sativa at heart, which means that the THC level is on the more moderate side, around 15% to 18%, which may be good news to a lot of people since it give the “light and bright” Sativa effect without making you feel you’re being pushed out of your comfort zone.  As a pure Sativa, this is very much a daytime strain, delivering a euphoric and energetic high which will leave you refreshed, clear-headed and ready to get on with your day.

Although Thai Stick is pure Sativa, it’s still relatively compact reaching heights of between 1.8M (indoor minimum) and 2.2M (outdoor maximum).  This strain has the classic Sativa structure of thin, flexible branches, which makes it a good candidate for plant training when space is tight.  In principle, Thai Stick can be grown indoors or outdoors.  In practice, outdoor growing is only likely to be feasible if you live in a really warm, subtropical climate such as on the Mediterranean coast.  Growers in climates which are mild might be able to split the difference and use a greenhouse, otherwise indoors is the way to go.

Indoors, this version of Thai Stick has a flowering time of 12 to 14 weeks, which is a decent improvement on the 16 to 18 weeks of the original.  You can expect a harvest of up to 400g/m2.  Outdoors, Thai Stick will be ready around the middle of October and can yield up to 600g per plant.

While this strain is probably best kept for those who have some experience, the fact that it’s full of landrace genetics means that committed beginners would have a decent chance at growing it.  It has decent resistance to common threats such as mould and spider mite and while it does certainly want good soil, it doesn’t guzzle food in the way some Sativas do.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
12 to 14 weeks
Plant Type:
Based on landrace Thai Sativa
300-400 g/m2
Grow Difficulty:
Thai Stick – MSNL, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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One comment on Thai Stick – MSNL
  1. Trey

    Dude, I set my Thai’s to flower 2 months ago, outside, sub-tropical weather, and now, I’m freaking out!!
    I am doubting whether they were females, even though I never saw “balls!” Rotflmfao!
    These things have me confused!! Then, all 5 females showed signs of root problems, outgrowing the 3 gallon pots, so I put them in the ground; Now, they are just getting taller, and taller……OMG!!!!

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