Buzz Light Gear

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Buzz Light Gear Marijuana

The pure Sativa Buzz Light Gear is arguably a choice for weed connoisseurs, having been bred for its exquisite flavour and aroma. It is a cross between Amnesia Haze, Kali Mist and G13 Haze.

We’d love to say that the effect will take you “to infinity and beyond” but it would be a whole lot more accurate to say that it will give you a scintillating, cerebral experience, which will cleanse away all negativity, frustration and confusion and leave you positive, energized, motivated and full of clarity and creativity. People who are new to this strain would be well advised to start off with a very small quantity until they become familiar with the effects to avoid the possibility of being overpowered by it.

In spite of its credentials as the connoisseur’s choice, this plant is actually a fairly grower-friendly option. In principle it will grow outdoors or indoors although in practice any Sativa is going to need far more headroom than an Indica, which can be a challenge for indoor growers. On the plus side, this strain does produce truly impressive yields of 400-800 gr/m2 indoors or 650-1400 gr. per plant outdoors.

Large-yielding strains, however, tend to need plenty of time to reach their full potential and that is absolutely true of Buzz Light Gear. Indoors it needs 10 to 12 weeks, outdoors it needs until the end of October/start of November (Northern hemisphere). For all the huge buds may look tempting, growers must be prepared to offer this strain the time it needs to develop to full maturity. Growers who want or need quicker results would do better to look elsewhere. Likewise outdoor growers in harsher climates may want to think seriously about whether or not there is a realistic prospect of up to 3 months of dry weather and extended sunshine.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10-12 Weeks
Plant Type:
Mid October
Amnesia Haze, Kali Mist and G13 Haze
Up to 450 gm2
Grow Difficulty:


Buzz Light Gear , 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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