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CBD Nordle

CBD Nordle

Indica dominant CBD Nordle is an established favourite with medical users, particularly those seeking powerful relief for physical pain.  As its name suggests, it’s packed full of therapeutic CBD, while the THC content offers users an emotional boost rather than an all-out high.  The name is a tribute to the late, great Howard Marks (Mr. Nice), who used it as a code name for exceptionally high-quality marijuana.


In terms of flavour, CBD Nordle offers a pleasant alternative to the fruity sweetness of a number of the other, well-known medicinal strains.  It’s top notes are of menthol and citrus, some people describe it as herbal, but there’s a strong, earthy body to ground them.


The high CBD content is the key attraction for many medicinal users.  This strain can offer relief for even the most serious conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.  Relief from physical pain can go a long way to dealing with emotional conditions which have been triggered or aggravated by the suffering it causes.  The gentle but meaningful lift offered by the Sativa element can also help those subject to disorders such as stress or anxiety and depression.


CBD Nordle has been compared to a Christmas tree in appearance although it’s somewhat more bushy than tree-like.  Its smell is definitely reminiscent of Christmas trees, or air freshener, depending on the time of year.  Given that menthol scents seem to divide opinion between those who love them and those who hate them, growers who have to keep their plants where other people may smell them are highly recommended to ensure that there is good ventilation.  This will also help to prevent mould, which is the one serious weak point of this otherwise robust and vigorous strain.  The need to prevent mould also suggests that, although, in principle, the plants can be placed close together, in practice it might be helpful to leave extra clear space to assist with air flow, particularly for beginner growers or those limited on time.  One of the great advantages of this strain is that it will tolerate being left to its own devices far more than many other varieties, although growers are still going to need to manage fundamentals such as appropriate watering, feeding and lighting.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors & Outdoor
THC Level:
Very Low
Flowering Time:
8-10 Weeks
Plant Type:
Indica Dominant
Late Oct
Afghnai and Skunk
Medium - High
Grow Difficulty:
CBD Nordle - CBD CREW, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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