CBD Med Gom auto (cbd crew)

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Hybrid CBD Med Gom auto is an example of taking a best-in-breed strain and taking it to the next level.  Med Gom, as its name suggests was created to be a therapeutic power-house, with a gentle approach.  Its priority is pain relief and the relief of a variety of physical and emotional conditions.  Those who want a real high or a deep stone should look elsewhere.


Although this strain was created for medical purposes, its creators (Grass-O-Matic and CBD Crew) wanted this to be the sort of medicine which could go down happily without a spoonful of sugar.  This is a gorgeous blend of citrus and spice with plenty of resinous body.  Because of this, it may also be a good choice for occasional, recreational users, who want the benefits of marijuana but want or need to keep a rein on the emotional effects.


Medical users, however, will be overjoyed at what this strain has to offer.  It can be used to treat both emotional conditions and physical ones and is particularly helpful when users have more than one need and want a simple and effective treatment to address them together.  For instance, pain of any sort can trigger emotional conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression.  CBD Med Gom auto can treat both issues at the same time, to offer swift, meaningful relief, which is gentle enough to be used on a long-term basis and at any time of day or night.


CBD Med Gom auto is also beautifully easy to grow, when viewed in the context of growing marijuana in general.  No variety of weed is resilient enough to be left to its own devices, but this strain is about as practical and unfussy as you can reasonably get.  To begin with, this is a plant of medium height and nicely compact, which makes its suitable for even the smallest growing spaces.  It also has a pleasant smell, which reduces ventilation requirements, although growers do need to be aware that even the hardiest plant can be devastated by mould so ensuring good airflow is still a must.  Finally, its autoflowering nature means that those with medical needs can grow it predictably all year round if they need to.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors & Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8-9 Weeks
Plant Type:
Autoflowering Hybrid
8-9 Weeks
Mass Gom Auto x High CBD
Grow Difficulty:
CBD Med Gom auto (cbd crew), 3.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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