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Slightly Indica-dominant Grand Heft Auto was created to satisfy the need for growing speed without sacrificing performance.  Produced by crossing AK47 with Northern Light Auto, this variety is a showcase for autoflowering at its best.

The strain takes its flavour from its prestigious parents.  It’s sweet but with a citrus touch and has earthy and pungent base notes to keep it grounded.  Some people have suggested that there is a hint of spiciness from its AK47 parent.

The child of two noticeably chilled-out parents, Grand Heft Auto has the effects you would expect from its lineage.  The initial effect will remind experienced users of AK47, which, although a Sativa, was known for producing a longer-lasting, cerebral buzz, rather than a knockout high.  This was why it was (and is) so popular with people who need to concentrate and/or to engage their creativity.  As this buzz begins to soften, the Indica element of Northern Lights takes over to deliver soothing mental and physical tranquillity.  There are other strains which offer better pain relief but this is an outstanding choice for people who are simply trying to deal with the mental and physical stresses of everyday life.

Growers will find Grand Heft Auto an impressive strain in every sense of the phrase.  A mere 10 to 11 weeks will take this variety from a seed to a fully-fledged plant with an impressive yield of large and potent buds.  Novices will find this plant a great choice since it is very forgiving.  The one key point is to resist the temptation to harvest too early.  The buds need time to develop and fill with resin, otherwise the end result will be disappointing.  At a compact metre or thereabouts, this strain is ideal for growing where space is restricted, such as on a patio or balcony or an indoor set up.  Alternatively growers in colder climates can pop individual plants into sheltered nooks to make the most of their available space.  The important point is that the plants are still able to receive plenty of light.

Indoor growers will find that this strain will grow in either soil or hydro, it responds very favourably to optimized growing conditions and can produce yields of over 100g per plant in experienced hands.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
Short - Medium
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10-12 Weeks
Plant Type:
10-12 Weeks from Seed
Northern Lights, AK47
Up to 400 gm2
Grow Difficulty:


Grand Heft Auto - Dr Krippling Seeds, 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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