Red Poison

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Red Poison marijuana strainThe “Poison” in Red Poison is not a reference to famous strain Durban Poison, but to the more modern, and very beginner-friendly, strain, Green Poison, the origins of which are unknown, although it is believed that Afghani played a significant role in its creation.  The other parent strain is Hindu Kush. 

Red Poison is a great example of just how far autoflowering strains have come in recent years, offering THC levels of between 15% and 19% together with 0.8% CBD.  This makes it a nicely flexible strain which can be used during the day or at night time and will provide effective treatment for a wide range of mild to moderate conditions.  One of the interesting features about Red Poison is that although it is very much Indica dominant (about 77%), it also contains about 20% Sativa genetics (with the remainder being Ruderalis) so the overall effect is a bit “lighter and brighter” than you’d expect from a pure Indica. 

As an autoflowering strain, Red Poison is about as beginner-friendly as you can possibly get, but even those with more experience might want to give this strain at least a look if not a try since it does have a lot to recommend it.  To begin with it has an 8 week growth cycle, meaning seed to harvest.  This means that even though it prefers life in a warm climate, outdoor growers towards the northern end of Europe still have a decent chance of bringing in a harvest before autumn frosts begin to bite, all the more so because Red Poison is small enough to be started indoors and then moved outside in a container to take advantage of a brief period of warm weather.  Specifically this strain has a growing range of about about 60CM to 1.2M (indoor minimum to outdoor maximum). 

It has to be acknowledged that the downside to small, quick strains is that they provide smaller harvests.  Novice indoor growers can expect up to 450g/m2 with more experienced growers potentially able to increase this to up to 550g/m2.  Outdoors beginners can expect up to 60g per plant whereas more experienced growers could bring this up to 150g per plant.  On the plus side, short, quick plants tend to be very robust simply because there is so little time for anything to go wrong.  This is certainly true of Red Poison, which also has the benefit of Afghani genetics via Green Poison. 

In terms of flavour and aroma, Red Poison has a base of sweet but solid earth, a fruity body and citrus top notes. 

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
Short to medium
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Green Poison and Hindu Kush
Medium to high
Grow Difficulty:
Easy to medium
Red Poison, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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