Sour Tsunami

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The “Sour” in Sour Tsunami refers to parent strain Sour Diesel, but it’s unclear what the “Tsunami” part refers to as the other parent strain is NYC Diesel.  Setting aside this mystery, what is clearis that Sour Tsunami is a solid modern strain backed by excellent genetics.

Although this strain is 60% Sativa it has very moderate THC (up to 10%) and high CBD (10% to 11%).  Even its maximum THC content only produces very minimal psychoactive effects although Sour Tsunami marijuana strainit may be useful if you would like a quick blast of fast-acting pain relief or mood relief to help tide you over while the CBD gets to work.  In practical terms, however, if you are buying Sour Tsunami then you are doing so for the CBD content, which is potent enough to make a real difference to anyone suffering from any CBD-responsive condition such as seizures.  With this level of CBD it is, of course, best to keep this strain for night-time use, however, if this is not practical then you should ensure that you leave yourself sufficient recovery time before doing anything complicated, such as driving. 

Sour Tsunami can, in principle, be grown indoors or outdoors, however the early October outdoor harvest could make true outdoor growing a bit of a risky choice for anyone towards the northern end of continental Europe or beyond.  Essentially anyone to the immediate north of the Mediterranean basin will need to take great care to site their plants somewhere very sheltered and those even further north might want to stick with greenhouse and/or indoor growing.  Indoors Sour Tsunami has a flowing time of around 9 weeks. 

Even indoors Sour Tsunami can push towards 2 metres in height, with about 1.8M being a reasonable expectation for indoor growers.  Outdoors it can easy reach above 2M especially if growing conditions are good.  This height difference is reflected in the yield.  Indoor growers can expect between 350g/m2 and 450g/m2 while outdoor growers can expect 450g or more per plant. 

Given the genetics, you would probably expect Sour Tsunami to have the aroma and flavour of classic diesel and you would be absolutely right.  In addition to the fuel, the aroma has notes of wood, earth and citrus and, as the name suggests is fairly sour.  Interestingly however, while the flavour is certainly based on diesel and wood, it doesn’t really have much in the way of earthiness and while the citrus is still there it is actually sweet citrus, although with a hint of menthol pine to give it some freshness. 

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
9 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa dominant
Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel
Grow Difficulty:
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