Buddha haze

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Buddha Haze

Marijuana folklore has it that the Sativa-dominant Buddha Haze seeds were created in Spain by an accidental but fortunate interbreeding of Amnesia Haze and Manga Rosa. Amnesia Haze was the outright winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004 while Manga Rosa is a legendary Sativa strain from Brazil.

Buddha Haze weed has a pungent aroma that includes skunky tones mixed with notes of tropical fruit and a hint of sugary sweetness. The high is euphoric rather than soporific and this marijuana is ideal if you’re off to a party. Medically, it can help with stress and muscular pain.

These plants can reach a height of two metres if left to grow outdoors, although you’ll probably trim them to keep them in bounds when growing indoors. The palmate leaves have long, slender fingers and the overall colour of the plant is a bright green. The plant has a loosely branching structure, and buds are medium-sized and covered in orange to brown hairs. Buddha Haze has a THC level of about 15 percent.

Buddha Haze’s Sativa heritage means that the plants like to be kept quite warm when grown indoors, although they will thrive in both a soil or hydro medium. Flowering is quite long at 10 to 12 weeks and yields are in the low to medium range.

To succeed outdoors with Buddha Haze, you’ll really need to live somewhere that has a climate at least as warm as Mediterranean. In the Northern Hemisphere, outdoor harvest will be as late as mid-November because of the long flowering time.

The flowering time does require a bit of patience, but if you enjoy the euphoric buzz of a Sativa high, you should definitely consider growing some Buddha Haze seeds.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors in a Mediterranean Climate
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10-12 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa/Indica (85/15)
Mid to Late November
Amnesia Haze x Manga Rosa
Low to Medium
Grow Difficulty:


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