Easy Sativa

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Easy Sativa

Just as the name suggests, Easy Sativa is a Sativa cannabis strain with its origins in Southeast Asia. The ‘easy’ bit of the name comes from the fact that this plant is exceptionally straightforward to grow, even for novice horticulturists, and it will thrive outdoors even in cooler countries.

Easy Sativa has a recognisably fruity smell with undertones of mint. Those notes are also present in the flavor with the addition of citrus tones. The high is markedly cerebral, and you may experience visual effects. It’s an ideal smoke if you’re planning to go out partying. In medical use, this weed is recommended for helping with poor appetite and stress.

Typically of Sativa strains, this plant grows tall and, if left to its own devices, can reach a height of over two metres. The plant has large leaves with long, slim fingers and produces a many buds which have a tendency to grow in irregular shapes. THC content is in the medium range at about 12 to 15 percent.

This Easy Sativa review should point out that it’s not recommended for indoors growing under lights, but will thrive outdoors or in a greenhouse, even in the cooler summer weather of northern European countries.

Start your Easy Sativa seeds off indoors or in the greenhouse and plant them out after the last risk of frost has passed. Assuming you plant during the last week of April, The plants should start flowering in mid-July and be ready for harvest about six to seven weeks later. You can expect yields of about 400 grams per plant.

If this is your first time cultivating cannabis, or you simply like the idea of outdoor growing, Easy Sativa is the strain for you. As well as being simple to grow, this strain produces good yields of potent marijuana.

Strain Characteristics:

Outdoors or in a Greenhouse
THC Level:
12 - 15%
Flowering Time:
6-7 weeks
Plant Type:
Late August, Early September
Up to 400 per plant
Grow Difficulty:


Easy Sativa, 3.7 out of 5 based on 29 ratings
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One comment on Easy Sativa
  1. Michigan Man

    Have grown this strain for 2 years now. Great medicine and as the name suggest its a real easy strain to grow. Give them lots of room and she will reach for the sky. First year I yielded 368 grams off the biggest. 2nd year I cant say as a week before harvest someone decided they.needed them more then me and broke into my legal grow pen and stole them while I was at work. All in all its a great strain…. but during flowering she will need support as the branches will bot support her weight.

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