Pineapple Kush

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Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is hybrid of Indica and Sativa. Most of its genetic material comes from an Indica strain originally grown in the mountainous Hindu Kush region that runs through central Afghanistan and across the border with Pakistan.

As its name suggests, this weed has a unique taste with tropical fruity flavors underpinned by pineapple. Pineapple Kush delivers a powerful body hit followed by a stimulating mind stone. Even experienced smokers treat this potent strain with caution. Medicinally, it can help in the relief of muscle and joint pain.

This stocky plant has a thick, bushy growing habit, grows to about one metre high and produces dense, purplish buds with a frosty coating of sticky crystals. The buds have an earthy smell with fruity undertones of pineapple. THC levels have been measured as high as up to 25%.

This strain is quite hardy and suitable for outdoor growing in all but the coldest of regions, although, you’ll get the highest yields with indoor cultivation.

Grown outdoors, the plants flower in about seven to nine weeks and are ready for harvest in September or early October in the northern hemisphere. Expect an outdoor yield of around 30 grams per plant.

For indoor growing, use hydroponics or a rich potting soil medium. Grown in the right conditions using SCROG method, it can yield as much as 500 grams per square metre.

Relatively easy to grow and exceptionally high in THC, Pineapple Kush seeds are a good choice for the grower looking for a dependable plant that offers a very potent stone. Pineapple Kush’s distinctive pineapple taste and aroma make it a real winner.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor and Outdoor
THC Level:
Up to 25%
Flowering Time:
7 - 9 weeks
Plant Type:
Late September, Early October
Indica from Hindu Kush
Up to 500 g/m2
Grow Difficulty:
Moderate - Easy


Pineapple Kush, 3.9 out of 5 based on 82 ratings


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6 comments on Pineapple Kush
  1. Armando

    Hi how much for the female seeds of the pineapple kush

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    Rating: 0 (from 6 votes)
  2. Juknjiv

    I have no clue when to Harvest this plant! Yes I’m a newby! It is 7’3″ tall. Has a ton of Buds all over it. Looks Beautiful! How do I know when to pick and how the hell do I cure it?

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    Rating: -7 (from 15 votes)
  3. Ladithief

    1st time growing this strain and it is my favorite. It’s leaving a path of destruction. The only issues were my fault but the plant was a 3.5′ Christmas tree that yielded 10.5oz of the most beautiful potent bud I have ever had. Glad I still have 6 seeds left.

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  4. kris

    I have grown this strand for two years now and all I have to say is I love this bud.. never have I had a high as relaxing as this..

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    Rating: +10 (from 14 votes)
  5. beardie

    I never had a pineapple kush that had any power . Second shelf at best. Sorry to burst any bubbles but it just is not a 24%to 25% thc producing plant. But I did cross it with white widow and had plesant results

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    Rating: +2 (from 16 votes)

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