Golden Haze

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Golden Haze

Sativa dominant Golden Haze is another product of California’s thriving cannabis cultivation scene. It’s a cross between two Sativa dominant strains, an original Haze and the legendary Acapulco Gold. Acapulco Gold is from southwest Mexico and gets its name for the golden colour of its buds, a characteristic that has passed on to Golden Haze.

The Golden Haze strain has a fresh, pine forest aroma and the flavor is complex with notes of sweet spices, herbs and fragrant blossoms. The high is euphoric and energising. You might well feel like going out for a walk or, if it’s the evening, hooking up with some friends at a bar. Medically, this weed can help with stress and poor appetite.

When allowed to grow unpruned outdoors, the Golden Haze strain can shoot up to a height of two metres or more. The light green leaves have long, pointed fingers and the buds are cone-shaped with a yellow to golden hue. This strain’s THC level has been measured in the lab at 16.9 percent.

Indoors, you’ll need to trim it to keep it in bounds. Flowering time is unusually long, up to 14 weeks, so this is a strain for the patient grower. Indoor yields tend to be low to medium.

Outdoors, Golden Haze only performs at its best with lots of hot, sunny weather so it really needs a climate at least as warm as the Mediterranean. In the right environment Golden Haze is a much better yielder outdoors than it is inside, and you can expect above average harvests in the first half of November.

This strain is one for the unhurried gardener with some experience, but the long cultivation period is well-rewarded by a potent Sativa with subtle taste. Golden Haze is definitely one for connoisseurs and Sativa lovers.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors in a Mediterranean Climate
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Up to 14 weeks
Plant Type:
Early November
Haze x Acapulco Gold
Low to Medium indoors, Above average outdoors
Grow Difficulty:


Golden Haze, 3.8 out of 5 based on 37 ratings
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