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Headband weed is an Indica dominant strain that was produced by crossing two highly respected hybrids, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Opinions differ as to the origins of the name, but the most plausible explanation is that you’ll often feel, or imagine, a slight tightening of the scalp when you smoke it.

This is one of those strains that exhibits a slightly sour smell, somewhat reminiscent of diesel fuel. Other notes in the flavor include pine, musty earth and fragrant incense. Headband produces a relaxing high which you’ll find quite easy to handle. It’s a good daytime smoke since it won’t send you over the edge unless you truly overindulge. Medical dispensaries prescribe it for stress and insomnia.

The Headband strain produces short bushy plants with fat-fingered leaves. The buds start a medium green that becomes noticeably darker as they mature and display a covering of orange hairs. THC content ranges from 12 to 16 percent.

Grow this plant indoors in a soil medium to get the best flavor out of it. Flowering time is between nine and 10 weeks and yields are at the medium level.

It will grow outdoors in cooler climates as long as you plant the seedlings after frost has passed and you choose a sheltered patch that gets plenty of summer sunshine. Outdoor plants should be ready to harvest in mid-October.

If you enjoy a smoke that stimulates and relaxes in equal measure, but doesn’t blow you away, you should consider growing Headband weed. Even novice gardeners can have success with this easy-to-grow strain.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors is best, outdoors possible
THC Level:
12 - 16%
Flowering Time:
9-10 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica/Sativa (70/30)
Mid October
OG Kush x Sour Diesel
Grow Difficulty:
Moderate - Easy


Headband, 3.3 out of 5 based on 27 ratings
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