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Maroc cannabis is a rare pure weed that is often overlooked in favour of more excitingly named cannabis strains. However, it’s certainly not to be underestimated. With ancestors in the Ketama region in Marocco, it underwent an intensive breeding programme before an incredibly resinous and stable outdoor strain was produced.

The aroma of Maroc weed is reminiscent of hash and when lit, the smooth smoke has irresistible hints of spice. This is a very pleasurable weed to smoke, with the fast acting and well balanced high stirring your creativity while leaving you completely relaxed. Medically, this weed is great for treating anxiety and stress.

Maroc seeds grow to a medium height with a large outward branching formation. The buds are long and slender with an open structure and covered in a thick layer of resin. For the best results, it’s recommended you plant this strain either outdoors or in a greenhouse. Although the soil and climate from the Ketama region are recommended to get the authentic Maroc weed, European and North American growers can still expect excellent aromatic buds. THC levels are measured as high.

This is not a weed to be grown indoors as the results tend to be inconsistent. It also needs to spend at least 8 weeks in vegetative growth for growers to get the exceptional yields its famous for, which means you will need a lot of patience. Flowering times are short, taking only 7 weeks when you change to a 12/12 lighting schedule.

Outdoors, Maroc cannabis will thrive in a dry, desert climate that is akin to that of the aforementioned Ketama region in Marocco. Those in Northern climates should not be put off: this weed strain will produce something spectacular with an aroma that is both exciting and inviting. You can expect to harvest exceptional yields from the middle of October onwards.

Maroc cannabis is often overlooked by many growers in favour of newer, more exciting strains, but should be a serious consideration for anyone who is growing weed outdoors or in a greenhouse. Its abundant yields go nicely with an inviting aromatic flavour and relaxing stone. This top quality weed is a bit of a secret, but rest assured, it will impress you so much you’ll be shouting about it from the roof tops.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor and Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
7 weeks
Plant Type:
Mid-Late October
Ketama Landrace
Grow Difficulty:


Maroc, 4.4 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
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