Old Skool

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Old Skool

Created in the Netherlands, Old Skool weed harps back to the days before the mass availability of knock out powerful strains. The outcome of crossing a Hawaiian sativa with Colombian Gold, is a sweet tasting sativa dominant weed that has an “old school” high which defines the name.

Once you light it up, it has a delicate fresh citrussy aroma and the flavour encompasses hints of pine, which is both complex and appealing. As mentioned, the high is old school, delivering a gentle sativa buzz that is likely to leave you in a fit of the giggles, progressing nicely into a relaxing stone. This weed strain is perfect for sitting and watching the world go by. Medically, it is used to treat people with depression or anxiety.

The seeds grow to a medium height with a typically stretched sativa structure. The leaves are a medium size that start out a fresh green and darken as the plants mature. The buds are long, dense, and covered in an attractive layer of trichomes. THC content has been measured in the high range.

Even though it is sativa dominant, its medium height and a short flowering time of 9 weeks mean you can successfully grow it indoors. Although it will grow well in a hydroponic set up, growers can maximise yields by planting Old Skool seeds in a rich soil mix using the SOG method.

Outdoors, Old Skool seeds will grow vigorously as long as they’re planted somewhere that receives a lot of sunlight. Ideally, it should be planted somewhere with a tropical climate, but its resistance to mold and disease, combined with it’s short flowering time mean it is possible to grow this weed outside in a northern climate. Harvests come at the end of September or early October.

Old Skool weed is a great choice for growers with any level of experience. Its ease of growth and ability to produce a huge yield will impress both beginner and experienced growers. Older smokers will enjoy a complex flavour, gentle high, and a little reminisce for a time when smoking a joint enhanced your day and didn’t knock you out.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
9 weeks
Plant Type:
Late September, Early October
Hawaiian Sativa x Columbian Gold
450 – 500 gm2
Grow Difficulty:
Moderately Easy


Old Skool, 3.3 out of 5 based on 38 ratings
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