Strawberry Banana

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Indica dominant Strawberry Banana is a cross between Banana Kush and a strawberry pheno of Bubble Gum. It offers effective medical benefits, a great taste and a straightforward grow.

With a THC range of about 22% to 26%, Strawberry Banana does an effective job of relieving physical pain. It’s also very good for dealing with mental andStrawberry Banana marijuana seeds emotional issues, although the predominance of Indica genetics means that the effect is somewhat different to what you might think from the statistics alone. It is cerebral and joyous, but less energetic than you’d expect from a Sativa dominant. Once the initial head buzz starts to fade, you will transition into a full-body stone, but with only about 0.01% CBD plus about 30% Sativa genetics, this will be tranquil and comfortable rather than leaving you couchlocked. Overall, Strawberry Banana is probably best suited to day-time use, but you could use it at night if you needed to and still expect to get some sleep.

Indoors, Strawberry Banana will be ready after eight to nine weeks of flowering during which time it will reach a height of about 1.5M and deliver a harvest of up to 550g/m2. Outdoors Strawberry Banana will be ready in early to mid October, grow to a height of about 2M and deliver a harvest of up to 700g per plant.

We’ve classed Strawberry Banana as being moderately difficult to grow due to the fact that it is a photoperiod strain, which means managing light cycles if you’re growing indoors and we suspect that most growers in Europe will have to grow indoors to ensure that they can collect their harvest before the autumn frosts do. Growers towards the northern end of continental Europe might want to try greenhouse growing, but they’d probably need to be prepared to supplement daylight with grow lights as the nights started to get longer.

On the plus side, Strawberry Banana has solid genetics behind it, which means it is decently robust and has a good level of resistance to mould, diseases and pests. The one point to remember above all others is that this strain really needs space to stretch outwards as well as upwards so be careful to avoid overcrowding your growing space (and this goes for outdoor growers too).

In terms of taste and aroma, Strawberry Banana is arguably something of a sensation. The base is quite earthy but very smooth, then the middle and top notes are just packed full of fruit. Overall there’s a nice balance between banana than strawberry and you may also pick up some other berry and tropical-fruit flavours.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8-9 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Early to mid-October
Banana Kush and Bubble Gum
Grow Difficulty:
Strawberry Banana, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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