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Strawberry Cake Marijuana StrainIndica dominant (70/30) Strawberry Cake is a three-way cross between Chronic, White Widow and Cheese.  It tastes as good as it sounds, has compelling medical benefits and is very straightforward to grow.

With an average of 22% THC, Strawberry Cake is more potent than you might think from the delicate-sounding name.  This strain really can hit the sweet spot when it comes to dealing with physical pain and negative emotional states.  While the high is powerful, it’s an Indica high, meaning it’s mellow and blissful, rather than energetically joyful.  There’s also a solid 1% CBD, which means that you high will glide smoothly down into a deep, full-body stone for the ultimate in relaxation.

Strawberry Cake will grow both indoors and outdoors in a Mediterranean climate.  Like its fruit counterpart, if you can manage warmth and sunshine but not necessarily dryness, then it will also grow happily under glass.  Many modern growers will be pleased to hear that Strawberry Cake doesn’t actually grow all that much, its plants tend to have a height range of between 80cm indoor minimum and 1.3M outdoors.  It is worth remembering that with strong Indica genetics, it does like to spread outwards and you need to allow space for this.  In addition to being small, Strawberry Cake is also speedy.  You’re looking at an indoor flowering time of about 8 weeks and an outdoor harvest around the start of October.  Even with fast flowering this strain delivers some really decent yields.  You can expect up to 500g/m2 indoors and up to 700g per plant outdoors.

What’s more, Strawberry Cake has the benefit of some really solid genetics, with plenty of landrace strains in its close background.  This means that it’s a very undemanding strain to grow.  The only reason it has been classed as medium difficulty is because it’s a photoperiod strain, which means that indoor growers will need to manage light cycles.  If you’re comfortable with that then you should be able to manage Strawberry Cake, even if you’re a complete beginner. It’s a great strain for anyone looking to move on from autoflowering varieties.

The taste of Strawberry Cake really is as good as you’d expect from the name.  It is a delicious balance of strawberry sweetness and skunk pungency.  The aroma is like a top-notch platter of fruits and fine cheeses and could probably do you good on its own.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Early October
Chronic x White Widow x Cheese
Grow Difficulty:
Strawberry Cake - Heavyweight Seeds, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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