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We know all too well the difficulties growers and patients face when trying to choose the best marijuana strain to grow. There are hundreds of strains to choose from all claiming to offer the best marijuana genetics on the planet, making the task of picking a strain difficult. One thing is for sure, growers want the best weed strain they can find.

Here at we’ve had access to some of the best weed strains, becoming somewhat of a strain encyclopedia. Years of first hand experience with hundreds of different strains have given us unrivaled knowledge to help you find the best weed strain. As the saying goes, cream always rises to the top and here that saying fits in perfectly. The best weed strains will always rise to the top and we feel it’s our duty to share our own top rated strains with you.

As a result of our experience we’ve become an authority on cannabis strains and as such have put together a selection of our top rated, best weed strains. We hope you approve!

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A train


Created in North California, the A-Train weed strain is a well balanced hybrid that is highly rated amongst cannabis connoisseurs.

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Acapalco Gold

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a top rated weed with a euphoric high that can last for hours that is enjoyed by connoisseurs.

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AK 48 weed

AK 48

Created in Amsterdam, AK 48 is a short and bushy growing Indica dominant strain with extremely high THC levels.

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AK 47 plant

AK-47 Weed

AK-47, sativa dominant Cannabis Cup winning strain known for its highly resinous buds & fast finishing time.

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Alaskan Ice Plant

Alaskan Ice

Alaskan Ice is a quick flowering and large yielding sativa with a high and flavor which are award winning.

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Amnesian Haze

Amnesia Haze

Popular in Amsterdam Coffee shops, Amnesia Haze is extremely potent and yields can be huge.

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Amsterdam Haze

Amsterdam Haze Review

Amsterdam Haze is an easy to grow and huge yielding sativa weed strain with a long lasting, clear headed high.

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Atomic Review

Atomic weed is a mind blowingly potent weed strain with a knock out stone that will floor even the most experienced tokers.

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Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica

Coming out of California, Aurora Indica’s extreme potency more than makes up for its lower yields and grow difficulty.

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Auto #1 Review

Auto #1 is a great choice for growers who are looking for a discrete and easy to grow weed strain.

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