Blue Kripple

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Blue Kripple - Dr Krippling

Indica dominant Blue Kripple is the product of a cross between Medicine Man, Blue Rhino and Big Bud. Medical users love its pain relief, recreational users appreciate its ability to relieve stress and growers know that any strain with Big Bud in its genes is going to produce big yields.

The flavour of Blue Kripple is a vast improvement over pretty much anything you’ll find in the average bathroom cabinet or pharmacy. The top notes are full of blueberries and are both sweet and earthy, the base notes are clear and pungent skunk as is the aroma.

The effect satisfies both the head and the body. The high THC content acts as an invigorating power-shower for the mind. It briskly washes away all the mental dross which has accumulated in the user’s mind, replacing it with a refreshing and energising sensation. Then, with the mind cleansed, it’s time for the Indica element to begin and the user feels like they are gliding comfortably and smoothly from a vigorous shower into a warm and comforting bubble bath, where both mind and body can unwind and be soothed together. This is a period of exquisite pain relief for medical users.

Blue Kripple is a fairly straightforward choice for growers. It can grow indoors or outdoors but indoor growers are well advised to be scrupulous about ventilation. You may think there is nothing in this world more delicious than the smell of skunk, but your neighbours may disagree. Likewise outdoor growers may want to think about prevailing winds and make sure that they do not drive the smell of the plant to nearby properties.

Growers familiar with Big Bud and its offspring will be expecting a long grow time followed by spectacular yields. In actual fact this strain will grow indoors in a mere 7 to 8 weeks, with an outdoor harvest around the middle to the end of October. Yields are, however, very respectable for this sort of grow time with 450-800 gr/m2 and/or 650-1300 gr. per plant being perfectly realistic. Obviously the upper end of these yield ranges will be reserved for more experienced and/or dedicated growers who make the effort to create optimum growing conditions.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor or Outdoor
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
10-11 weeks
Plant Type:
Mid October
Medicine Man, Blue Rhino and Big Bud
450-500 gsm
Grow Difficulty:


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