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blueberry og marijuana strain barneys farmBlueberry OG is exactly what its name suggests, a cross between Blueberry and OG Kush.  Its delicious taste, compact size, heavy yields and solid medical benefits ensure that it is always popular.

This strain has an average THC range of between about 14% to about 19%.  As Blueberry OG is about 70% Indica, the head high is buzzy and joyful, rather than energy-filled and euphoric.  It’s followed by a deep stone, which is essentially everything you would expect from a classic Indica . Except a little lighter, thanks to the 30% Sativa genetics.  Overall, we’d still say that this is really more of a  night-time strain.

Blueberry OG has an indoor flowering time of about 8 weeks, but the outdoor harvest is about mid October.  This means that even though this strain does have stable and reliable genetics, you might want to think carefully about the practicalities of a full outdoor grow if you are in the north of Europe.  Even if you opt for greenhouse growing, you might have to use grow lights later on as days get shorter.

The high percentage of Indica genetics, means that Blueberry OG has a very reasonable growing range of about 1M (indoor minimum) and 1.5M (outdoor maximum).  As you would expect, it’s a bushy plant, which likes plenty of space to spread out. So take this into consideration when thinking about how many plants you can realistically fit into your growing space.  Also, you may want to remember that this strain packs in some pretty hefty yields for its compact dimensions.  Indoor growers could achieve as much as 700g/m2 and outdoor growers could achieve up to 1kg per plant.  So you may need fewer seeds than you thought.

Strains with OG Kush in their background tend to be reliable and Blueberry OG is indeed nicely robust.  We’ve classed it as being moderately difficult to grow purely because we think many people are going to need to grow it indoors, which means they’ll need to manage light cycles.

In terms of taste, the blueberry element is very much to the fore of Blueberry OG, but you do get undertones of musk and light touches of citrus and pine.  Interestingly the aroma is actually menthol and citrus all the way.


Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica dominant
Mid October
Blueberry x OG Kush
Grow Difficulty:
Blueberry OG - Barneys Farm, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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