Haze Autoflowering CBD

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Sativa-dominant Haze autoflowering CBD is another of the strains which have been created with the needs of therapeutic users in mind.  It’s effective for a number of conditions and easy to grow.  It will also suit recreational users looking for a gentle lift rather than the sheer power of the sort of heavy hitters popular with more serious marijuana fans.

In terms of flavour, this is a classic haze experience.  For those unfamiliar with the Haze family, the scent is rather like a high-quality incense and this also influences the flavour.  This is light and sweet, possibly a bit spicy and with a touch of earthiness.

This variety was bred to be a medicinal strain par excellance and it lives up to its reputation.  As a Sativa, it has a cerebral effect, which is good for emotional conditions and migraine as well as pain-relief.  It is, however, a CBD-rich Sativa for the ultimate in pain relief and a relaxing experience.  Basically think in terms of lift and relaxation rather than high and then stone.  It’s the sort of effect you’d get after going for a brisk run and following it up with some yoga.  In other words, this is a weed you can enjoy regardless of whether you need to get on with your day or are desperate for some sleep.hazeCBDauto-2003_gallery_full

Haze autoflowering CBD is a superb choice for amateur growers, particularly those looking to have a continuous supply of weed for medical purposes.  Even though the genetics are Sativa, it’s definitely on the compact side, which can make life easier for those with mobility issues.  The fact that it is auto-flowering makes the growth-and-harvest cycle very predictable and means that plants can be grown all year round (t least indoors).  As an added bonus, the smell is moderate, which means that growers really only need to look at ventilation from the point of view of keeping plants healthy and stopping the dreaded mould, rather than having to pacify their neighbours.  Yields are moderate but perfectly acceptable for personal use, particularly given that it’s so hard to go wrong with this variety.

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