Think Big! – Dutch Passion

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Think Big really deserves its name.  As a Sativa-dominant strain it will reach for the skies and produce a huge quantity of buds with plenty of power to them.  It is descended from a hand-picked selection of XXL Think Different plants, taking an outstanding strain to new highs in every sense of the phrase.

In flavour this is a variety for those who enjoy citrus tastes, it’s full of refreshing sweet, lemon tones, but never harsh or acidic.  The fruity lightness is anchored by rich and spicy base notes which hint at oriental incense.

Users should be prepared to think big in terms of the effect.  It starts with a real Sativa high, blasting out any stresses, frustrations or negativity and replacing them with undiluted euphoria and energy.  This then chills down into a pleasant and comfortable feeling of total-body relaxation, as muscles release tension.  Whether your need is for stress-relief or pain-relief, Think Big can tackle it.  The cleanness of the effect makes this variety suitable for use in the day-time as well as at night.

Of course, getting to be this good takes time.  Specifically it takes about 14 weeks.  The reward for your patience is super-sized yields.  Even novice and/or outdoor growers can expect an excellent crop, provided that they can offer the plant enough light and shelter.  Growers in harsher climates, however, may need to give some thought as to whether they can feasibly expect 14 consecutive weeks of dry weather and sunshine.  Additionally, the fact that it is essentially a Sativa means that it needs plenty of upward space so growers wanting to use their balcony or roof will need to be particularly careful about giving this variety enough support to prevent it from literally toppling over due to its own weight and hitting the ground below.

Indoor growers will find this variety will grow happily in soil or hydro and will reward optimized growing conditions with optimum yields.  This makes it a superb choice for medical users with small growing spaces who could feasibly satisfy their needs over the long term with a very small number of plants, particularly when you consider the potency of the strain.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
14 Weeks from Seed
Plant Type:
Sativa Dominant
Mid October
XXL Think Different
Very High
Grow Difficulty:
Think Big! - Dutch Passion, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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