Glueberry O.G – Dutch Passion

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Glueberry-og-dutch-passion-marijuanaGlueberry O.G. by Dutch Passion was created by crossing super-potent Gorilla Glue #4 with popular classic O.G. Kush and then crossing the result with the much-loved Blueberry.

With 20% THC Glueberry O.G. is strong enough to provide meaningful pain relief and provide an appreciable lift out of negative emotional states without pushing you into the realms of a super-THC high. There’s also enough CBD to give you a cosy, soothing body buzz without leaving you couch-locked. Putting all this together means you could feasibly use Glueberry O.G. at any time of day, but it’s probably best used in the daytime as it can treat conditions such as pain, fatigue, stress and depression without slowing you down. Having said that, for all its THC content, it probably won’t stop you getting to sleep at night either and although it’s not really used to treat insomnia specifically, if you just want something to clear your head and/or relieve pain so you can get some sleep, it could certainly do the job.

The taste is clearly dominated by the Blueberry genetics so it’s for people who prefer their strains on the sweeter side, but there are undertones of skunk and fuel which add a bit of edginess to the flavour and scent. The aroma is also sweet but solid and hearty.

This strain is a pretty speedy grower, particularly given that it’s about half Sativa. Indoors it needs about 8 weeks of flowering time and can produce up to 450g/m2 and outdoors you will collect your harvest towards the end of September and can expect up to 550g per plant.

Glueberry O.G. will typically grow to about 1.5M (indoors) or about 2M (outdoors) and is nicely responsive to plant training. It will happily grow indoors or outdoors and while it definitely prefers to be kept somewhere dry and sunny, the fact that it finishes so quickly means it can be grown throughout much of Europe rather than just in the warmest parts of the Mediterranean area.

Overall, this is a nicely robust strain, which is a feasible choice for beginners and certainly for people moving on from autoflowering strains. The one point to remember is that even though Glueberry O.G. takes its taste from its Blueberry parent, it definitely takes after Gorilla Glue #4 (and also O.G. Kush) when it comes to resin content. In other words, unless you have the space to let this strain grow at will, you had better be prepared to invest in some really good gardening scissors and to get them (and your fingers) very sticky!

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8 weeks
Plant Type:
Balanced hybrid
(Gorilla Glue #4 X OG Kush) X Blueberry
450g/m2 indoors/550g per plant outdoors
Grow Difficulty:
Glueberry O.G - Dutch Passion, 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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