Lemon Zkittle – Dutch Passion

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Lemon zkittle marijuana strainLemon Zkittle is a fun cross between Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez.  It was the top Sativa and overall winner of the 2018 Highlife Cup and has been generating a lot of interest from lovers of quality marijuana.

Even though Lemon Zkittle was classed as a Sativa in the Highlife Cup, it’s only just Sativa dominant (60/40). Which means that the THC level is a high-but-not-extreme at 20%. The euphoria and creative energy which comes from the Sativa genetics is balanced by the blissful serenity of the Indica genes. This gives what many people consider to be the best of both worlds.  As the head buzz gently fades, you find yourself transitioning into a light, but very comfortable body stone. Which caresses mind and body without leaving you pinned to your couch for hours on end.  This means that Lemon Zkittle is a nicely flexible strain for anyone looking for medication they can take day or night as the need arises.

Lemon Zkittle will grow equally happily indoors or outdoors, assuming you either live somewhere naturally warm and dry. Or can grow your plants somewhere they have shelter from the elements.  While Dutch Passion has not released any data about yield, based on genetics, indoor growers can collect up to 500g/m2. Outdoor growers can collect up to 450g per plant.  One piece of good news for indoor growers is that the 40% Indica genetics helps to keep Lemon Zkittle to a lower height.  It has a growing range of between about 1M (indoor minimum) to about 1.8M (outdoor maximum).

All in all, Lemon Zkittle is a nicely undemanding strain to grow.  If you’re a complete beginner with no real experience of gardening, we’d generally suggest an autoflowering strain for your very first grow. But if you’ve set your heart on growing Lemon Zkittle, we’d say it certainly is  possible as long as you are prepared to work at learning your marijuana basics.  In particular, remember to leave room for your plants to stretch outwards as well as upwards.  If you overcrowd your growing space, you’ll compromise your ventilation and leave yourself open to an attack of mould.  Anyone who’s already grown an autoflowering strain should be just fine with Lemon Zkittle.

We’d especially recommend this strain to anyone who would ideally like to grow a Sativa, who also doesn’t have space, time, energy or experience to grow a massive plant ,with an extended flowering period.   Lemon Zkittle is still much quicker than strains with a higher level of Sativa genetics, as well as being vigorous, robust and impressively stable for such a new strain.

In terms of taste, Lemon Zkittle is very much about the lemon, in fact unless you were told you might not pick up on the skunk genetics.  The aroma is likewise full of citrus zestiness with just a hint of skunk.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors and outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
9 to 10 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa dominant
Late September/Early October
Vegas Lemon Skunk x Zkittlez
Grow Difficulty:
Lemon Zkittle - Dutch Passion, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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