Cherry Pie

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Cherry Pie

The Cherry Pie strain has a mouth watering name and its other most attractive quality is its genetic heritage – a cross between two highly respected strains, Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple. Just to clear up any confusion, Cherry Pie also goes under the names Cherry Kush and Cherry Kush Pie.

Cherry Pie weed has a smell reminiscent of hash and pine forests and the flavor includes notes of fruit and spice. The high combines a pleasurable cerebral rush with a strong physical stone, although not so strong that you’ll be overwhelmed, making it good for day and night use. Medically, Cherry Pie can help with insomnia, poor appetite and stress.

Cherry Pie plants grow to a medium height with palmate leaves that are a mid-green colour. The dense, sticky buds are light green with purple tips and a covering of orange hairs. THC content ranges from 16 to 18 percent.

Indoors, Cherry Pie marijuana is equally happy to be grown in hydro or soil and it will benefit from a carefully controlled supply of nutrients. Flowering time is eight to nine weeks and yields are between 400 and 450 grams per square metre.

Outdoors, this strain requires a climate at least as warm as the Mediterranean to thrive. Harvest in the northern hemisphere comes in late October.

This is a well-balanced weed that’s quite easy to grow and features a pleasantly fruity flavor. The Cherry Pie strain also packs a powerful hit which even seasoned smokers will appreciate.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors in a Mediterranean Climate
THC Level:
16 - 18%
Flowering Time:
8-9 weeks
Plant Type:
Late October
Durban Poison x Grand Daddy Purple.
400 to 450 gm2
Grow Difficulty:
Moderate - Easy


Cherry Pie, 3.6 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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8 comments on Cherry Pie
  1. Green Man

    Hi, sorry we do not sell seeds. but check out the best seedbanks online 🙂

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  2. Passives

    Cherry pie is pretty tough to grow.

    “Cherry Pie marijuana is equally happy to be grown in hydro or soil”

    WOW I don’t know anyone who describes this cut as easy or happy to grow in anything into a vicious tough cut to grow if you have the real thing it will seed up badly unless you dial in your technique and environment.

    Cherry pie is best left to expert cultivators. Beginners would do better growing a cherry pie cross first, gaining experience and then trying the cherry pie cut.

    Also the genetics are not known for sure it’s inaccurate to state with surety the genetics.
    This article should be edited by someone with experience running cherry pie. It’s not much of a yielder either strange someone would list it’s yield as high as a pound per m2

    Lastly, the thc estimate is laughable I know a grower in norcal who tested put at 26.66% thc I’ve seen the lab results. Good growers have no problem above 20% with most cuts these days.

    Most of the article looks made up by a stoner who probably smoked something called cherry pie, read or heard some stories and thought they were an expert…

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  3. 510growz

    IMG_1574.JPG This is what I have going on for Cherry Pie.

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    Rating: -10 (from 76 votes)
  4. Cherry pie

    Can I grow the seeds from the cherry pie. I’m a beginner how can I do it?

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    Rating: -7 (from 13 votes)

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