Cinderella 99

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The original, Sativa-dominant Cinderella 99 is a cross between Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. It gives users the experience of a punchy, landrace cinderella-99-marijuana-strain-reviewSativa but in a much smaller and faster-growing package. While Cinderella 99 could be a feasible choice for new growers, the fact that its THC content is around 22% means that those new to using marijuana should probably give it a wide berth unless they are in real need of heavy-duty pain relief.

Cinderella 99 will certainly give your nostrils and taste buds a ball, with its top notes filled with tangy, citrus and tropical sweetness and a solid, earthy body to give it plenty of substance. When smoked or vaped, a menthol-fresh edge is clearly discernible too.

The fact that this strain is at the upper end of what is currently available in terms of THC levels, means that it can hit pain harder than most other varieties on the market at the moment.

Migraine sufferers may be particularly interested in this variety. Another key medical benefit is its ability to raise energy levels as well as lifting the user’s mood. People who really struggle with fatigue may find Cinderella 99 a real help. Recreational users can expect nothing short of euphoria. This strain will really illuminate your dreams and stimulate your creativity.

Visually, Cinderella 99 is an attractive strain with light-green leaves and plenty of bright orange hairs as well as a liberal helping of trichomes. Even though she’s essentially a Sativa, Cinderella 99 does tend to stay on the compact side and is bushy rather than branchy. She is also quick growing, flowering in 7 to 8 weeks and produces very acceptable yields for a strain, which is ready in that sort of time.

There is nothing especially difficult about growing Cinderella 99, but it does take commitment. In addition to making sure your basics are covered (such as ensuring appropriate ventilation), growers will need to make sure to provide Cinderella 99 with plenty of food to support her growth and literal support during the flowering period as her buds are big and the high resin content adds to their weight.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or Outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Seven to eight weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa dominant
End-September through mid October
Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk
Grow Difficulty:
Cinderella 99, 4.1 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
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