Dutch Dragon

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Dutch Dragon

Created in the Netherlands in 1994 and improved in 2002, Sativa dominant Dutch Dragon is a cross between Durban Skunk and an Indica from California. The Dutch Dragon strain is well-known for its incredibly vigorous growth habit – untrimmed it can shoot up to three metres.

The Dutch Dragon strain has a sweet aroma with notes of citrus fruit – you’ll probably think of oranges when you smell it. The taste is also sweet with notes of fruit and exotic spice. The long-lasting high is mentally stimulating at first, gradually tailing off into a more sedative body stone. Medical dispensaries recommend this weed for stress and poor appetite.

Dutch Dragon seeds produce tall plants with extended branches and smallish palmate leaves. The buds are elongated and slightly floppy with a coating of sticky resin almost dripping off them. THC content is in the 15 to 18 percent range.

For indoor growing, Dutch Dragon responds well to a SCROG set up although its strong growing habit requires careful training and pruning. It does well in all the main growing mediums although flavour is at its fullest in plants that have been grown in organic soil. Flowering time is quite long, between 10 and 12 weeks and yields are around 500 grams per square metre.

Outdoors, its South African heritage means that it needs a hot, dry climate with plenty of sunshine, so this is not one to grow in northern Europe. Harvest in the northern hemisphere comes in late October and each plant can yield between 600 and 700 grams.

Dutch Dragon isn’t the easiest of strains to grow, but careful tending will result in good yields of a powerful weed that displays the best of Sativa characteristics.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors in a Mediterranean Climate
THC Level:
15 - 18%
Flowering Time:
10-12 weeks
Plant Type:
Sativa/Indica (75/25)
Late October
Durban Skunk x California Indica
500 gm2 Indoors, 600g to 700g per plant outdoors
Grow Difficulty:


Dutch Dragon, 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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