Mountain Mist

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Mountain Mist

The indica dominant Mountain Mist weed is the result of crossing Skunk with a Himalayan indica. The outcome is a dedicated outdoor strain that has been specifically bred for growing in a cooler climate or higher altitude. Not only does it deliver on its hardiness, but this is also a fine tasting weed that finishes quickly and yields exceptionally well.

The fragrance of Mountain Mist marijuana is a combination of a skunky and earthy musk, which when lit has a hint of sweet candy. Although the stone is not overpowering, it will definitely slow things down for a while, coming on quick and lasting a couple of hours. Medically, this is a great strain for treating pain, anxiety and stress.

Mountain mist seeds grow vigorously to heights between 150 and 200 centimetres, with one main cola and minimal side branching. The plants grow with thick, dark leaves and jade coloured buds, which are covered in a thick layer of resin and enticing looking red hairs. THC levels are measured to be in the medium range.

Not really recommended for indoor growth, Mountain mist seeds are well suited for growing in cooler northern climates or high altitudes. This is due to a strong resistance to mould and diseases, being able to withstand high levels of condensation and low night time temperatures. Its short flowering time of 6 to 7 weeks is also well suited to latitudes that have low levels of sunlight hours. Despite its short finishing time, it’s an excellent yielder, producing 420 to 550 grams per square meter by the start of September.

Mountain Mist weed is an excellent choice for outdoor cannabis growers who live in a less than ideal weed growing climate. It will produce an ample yield of fine tasting weed that will grow even in the most clumsy hands due to its hardiness.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor and Outdoor
150 - 200cm
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
6 - 7 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica/Sativa (70/30)
Early September
Skunk x Himalayan Indica
420 – 550 gm2
Grow Difficulty:


Mountain Mist, 3.5 out of 5 based on 22 ratings
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2 comments on Mountain Mist
  1. Claude david

    Would mountain mist do well in the southern alberta Canada mountain tops where police choppers wouldn’t notice it ?
    I’m just curious what variety would best suit full sun on a mountain top

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