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Nuken is an Indica dominant strain from Canada originally created by the cheekily named Cash Crop Ken. He crossed two strains to create it, God Bud and Kish. God Bud came first in the Indica section of the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup and Kish is derived from the Shishkaberry strain.

The Nuken strain has a skunky, forest aroma and the taste has a surprisingly sweet candy flavour. The high is a quick-acting and potent heavy body stone that will leave you so physically relaxed that you probably won’t want to move far from the couch. As a consequence, this is recommended as an evening rather than a daytime smoke. Medical dispensaries prescribe the Nuken strain for insomnia, muscular pain and poor appetite.

Nuken seeds produce plants that grow to around 150 centimetres with stout side branches covered in medium-green leaves. The large buds are quite tight and display a coating of sticky resin. THC level has been measured in the lab at 13.6 percent.

Indoors, you can grow Nuken with the SOG method and it thrives in both soil and hydro. You need to watch the humidity levels as this strain can be prone to mould and mildew if it gets too damp. Flowering time is seven to eight weeks and you will get yields in the medium to high range.

The Nuken strain can be grown outdoors in cooler climates, if you pick a sheltered sunny spot. Make sure there isn’t any risk of frost before planting out seedlings. Harvest comes in late September.

Nuken is a little fussy when it comes to cultivation so it’s not recommended for first-time gardeners. However, if you have some experience of growing your own, you can look forward to good yields and a typically potent Indica high.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors
THC Level:
Flowering Time:
7-8 weeks
Plant Type:
Mid October
God Bud x Kish
Medium to High
Grow Difficulty:


Nuken, 3.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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2 comments on Nuken
  1. Nug nutz

    My nuken are looking mighty good, cant express how sticky and the oil it exudes. Like tiny dew drops of resin. Deep skunk smell , one pheno had me thinking I stepped In doodoo, mid flower and seems to have mellowed at week 8. Taking it longer to week 9 I think.

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