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Odyssey weed was created in San Francisco and it’s proved to be a popular strain throughout the Bay area. Its parents are Afghani and the unfortunately named Cat Piss strain. However, Odyssey is a well-balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa, and it will certainly take you on an epic journey when you smoke it.

The Odyssey strain has the aroma of fresh earth combined with floral notes and the flavour includes hints of sweet fruit. The stone mixes the best of Sativa and Indica, giving a strongly physical body hit and a soaring head rush. Medical users turn to it for pain relief and alleviation of poor appetite.

Odyssey marijuana plants grow from a medium to tall height with light green leaves that have long lobes. The buds are quite elongated, pale green and covered in sticky crystals. THC content has been measured as high as 22.85 percent in the lab.

Although it’s quite easy to grow, gardeners in cooler countries should stick to growing the Odyssey strain indoors since its Sativa genetics are not suited to colder summers. Indoors, this strain does well in hydro and soil and it can be trained and grown with the SCROG growing method. Odyssey marijuana has good resistance to mould and mildew so it tolerates humid conditions. Flowering time is eight to nine weeks and outdoor harvest comes in late September or early October. Yields are in the high range.

Odyssey weed is a good choice for smokers who appreciate the differing effects of Sativa and Indica strains as it balances the two evenly. Novice gardeners will appreciate this weed for its ease of growth.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoors or outdoors in a warm climate
THC Level:
Up to 22.85%
Flowering Time:
8-9 weeks
Plant Type:
Indica/Sativa (50/50)
Late September, Early October
NYC Diesel x Trainwreck
Grow Difficulty:


Odyssey, 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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