Rosetta Stone

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Balanced hybrid Rosetta Stone is a cross between Ginger Ale and White Widow. For a long time, this was a massively overlooked strain, but the increasing interest in medical marijuana has seen Rosetta Stone start to get the interest it deserves. One key point to note about this strain is that there is a fairly high level of variance in the quantity of TCH. It can range from 15% to 22%. With this in mind, those new to marijuana might want to stick to using dispensaries which can give accurate information on the THC content, while those new to growing might want

to give this strain a miss until they are comfortable that they understand how to influence THC levels to get the desired effect.

Perhaps the reason why this variety struggled to gain traction in the beginning is because anyone expecting a strain with Ginger Ale genetics to taste like actual ginger ale is likely to find themselves rather confused. In actual fact, Rosetta Stone has top notes of berries and apricots and a diesel base.

This strain has a wide variety of medical uses. In addition to general pain relief and migraines, it is effective on inflammation, stomach ulcers and nausea as well as glaucoma. She can also treat a range of mental and emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression. Those looking for an insomnia cure may be best to look elsewhere, basically this is a variety which will help you to unwind and relax rather than one which is going to send you straight into the arms of the sand man. Of course, this does mean that Rosetta Stone can be feasibly used in the day time, albeit leaving plenty of time to recover.

Overall, Rosetta Stone has all the hallmarks of a strain by the Brothers Grimm. She’s quick-growing (flowering in 7 to 8 weeks) and produces massive dense colas, which tend to form into a single cluster and come with lots and lots of lovely frosting to get your fingers sticky. As a balanced hybrid, Rosetta Stone is reasonably compact and putting all this together, growers looking to maximize their yields will find sea-of-green growing an obvious choice.

Strain Characteristics:

THC Level:
Flowering Time:
Seven to eight weeks
Plant Type:
Balanced Hybrid
59-70 days
Ginger Ale and White Widow
Grow Difficulty:
Rosetta Stone, 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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